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Creating excellent website content and appearance requires significant amounts of planning and execution.  Experts in the field know that time spent in achieving excellence at the outset can prevent annoying, time wasting redesigns.  They also know that you only have to revisit the site occasionally if you keep in mind “content marketing” month after month.
If you are wise enough to acknowledge that your website is a significant part of your ongoing marketing campaign, then you should be wise enough to revisit your site with a view toward keeping your website current and “sticky”.  If you employ paid advertising campaigns, you must pay close attention to them so as to determine if you have generated reasonable profits from those campaigns.

Typically, a well crafted piece of website content will continue to generate traffic and becomes a long term investment. If you think of that content in context, it should help you when write that content and revise it.

If you optimize that content for specific search engines, you increase the odds of high rankings on those sites.  Experts advise that the best way to achieve high search engine rankings is to conduct research regarding “keyphrases” with keyword tools such as Wordtracker or Google’s free Adwords Keyword Tool. You can then learn keyphrases that potential visitors to your site are entering into the search engines. Then, you can use those phrases in your content.  Incorporating the main keyphrase into your title tag and headline are critical steps optimizing your site.

To build on that foundation you should find more than one keyword or keyphrase and add them to your content in appropriate places.  By doing so, the site is optimized for more than one keyphrase.  That often generates additional site traffic through search engines queries.  So, it is wise to use in your content the exact language prospective customers use when entering search engine queries.  Once your content is optimized and employs keyphrases that people are actually searching for, a little promotion will go a long way.

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