Email Remains a Very Useful Business Communication Tool

Reports of e-mail’s death as an effective means of business communication may just be a little premature. E-mail remains a very useful communication tool if it is used adroitly.  Doctors, lawyers, consultants, business owners, upper tier executives, mid-level managers and employees at all levels use email.  Of course, “texting” is staking out its territory, but reliable statistics reveal that planet-wide more than 145 billion emails messages were sent every day in 2012 and the daily average is increasing.

There must be a reason that email volume continues to increase while competing with texting and communications via social media. One reason is that businesses and their customers often require a communications mode that is more serious such as like email. In contrast to texting and social media, email (a) has a certain aura of depth and in contrast to social media and (b) can more effectively deliver targeted content.

A consensus is growing that an excellent email will drive more traffic to a website than will exposure of the same information via texting and social media.  Further, an email is a far more effective method of “follow-up” subsequent to a text or person-to-person meeting. Research also suggests that the odds of a contact taking action on your email message are much greater than through Facebook marketing posts.

No matter if you use emails as “follow ups” or to circulate newsletters regularly, it is imperative that your emails should be relevant to issues that will attract the attention of the recipients. Further, you should strive to make your e-mails easy to use and easy on the eye. An appropriate graphic or photo may add a touch of excitement and could help make your email look professional.

Your email need not have a extremy high-end, attention-grabbing design. Instead, it should be “easy to look at” and deal with issues that resonate with your readers. It is important to remember that your emails are marketing tools for your enterprise that make email simple to use and easy on the eye. Further, it might be wise to ask clients/customers, in a low-key manner, for comments regarding your use of emails.


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