Mobility at the Top of CIOs Action Plans

It is a given that issues related to “Mobile“ and its iterations are now at the forefront of the “To-Do” lists of CIOs.  They acknowledge that current business processes and procedures will change as a result of the advent of a “mobile framework”.  Forward thinking CIOs now conduct research and contemplate the ways in which Mobile can transform their businesses.

Many pundits argue that Mobility has already begun to cause restructuring of business models and marketplace practices.  Further, some argue that CIOs should no longer think “mobile first”.  Rather, they should guide their companies into the “postdigital” future should begin thinking about “mobile only.” To bolster that thesis, many of those pundits cite reliable data such as (a) Apple and Google Play surpassed 25 billion app downloads.  Further, (b) according to a reputable researcher, 13 percent of all Internet traffic in 2012 originated from mobile devices.

Prominent business and legal publications have alerted their readers to the rapid adaptation of smartphones and tablets. That sort of “buzz” and “word of mouth” has motivated business people to create plans that will facilitate  maximizing the benefits that Mobile will provide.  Mobile experiments have begun in virtually all aspects of business activities and results of those experiments are being analyzed.  As you might expect, some CIOs are scrambling to deal with the outcry for more applications.

This has prompted many CIOs to create a “mobile” attitude that should motivate team members to consider/brainstorm a mobile presence in each project, solution or investment.  Some pundits suggest that too many of those CIOs are still in that mode, viz., attempting to massage current procedures so as to adapt to smartphones and tablets. While that “massage” approach is still in use, “new and improved” embedded sensors and actuators are now available that will permit more powerful machine-to-machine capabilities.

Ponder this: trade valued at more than $140 billion moves through the Port of Long Beach, CA annually, making it the second-busiest seaport in the U.S. Its IT team uses seismologic sensors to alert them to earthquakes and potential infrastructure damage, RFID tags to control truck access to its terminals and sewer and storm water control sensors to measure performance and environmental impact and monitor security. According to Port officials, RFID plays an important role in management of harbor traffic control. Ships maneuvering through the Harbor more slowly emit fewer smog-forming emissions and diesel particulates. So, in addition to making traffic through the port easier to manage, the Port says the RFID program prevents more than 1,000 tons of air pollution a year.




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