Your Reputation, Integrity, and Credibility as a Person is Very Important

A business brand is that which distinguishes a company’s business, product or service from competitive offerings. Creators and entrepreneurs have developed and marketed their businesses by emphasizing the positive differences between their offerings and the offerings of competitors. To do so, they stressed the advantages their products or services as compared to and contrasted against products or services of competitors. To a greater or lesser extent, a brand is that which conveys what people or consumers know about a specific business entity as identified via its trade name, logo, design, symbol, word of mouth and anything that could be used to identify that business entity. Have you ever assessed the importance/efficacy of your company’s personal brand? Is it a valuable asset of your business?

In the small to mid-sized business environment personal branding is akin to and, often, an ally of business branding. Personal branding aims at creating a personal identity as opposed to an enterprise identity. Typically, personal branding is a tool for lawyers, doctors, accountants, consultants and other professionals who understand that branding is important in promoting their careers. Similarly, business owners and entrepreneurs must create and enhance their personal brands so as to promote their business or enterprise as effectively as possible.

Marketing types know that a well respected brand can be a valuable tool in building name recognition and status for another brand. Similarly, an individual with an established personal brand is more likely to promote his/her product or business effectively than is a person without a personal brand.  So, that explains why folks who are known to be credible could be more effective and efficient to convince people to favor their business or products.

The same marketing types also know well that clients/customers not only conduct business with an enterprise but, more importantly, they also deal with the people employed by and associated with that organization. They also know that those clients/customers are interested not only in your business reputation, but also in your reputation, integrity, and credibility as a person. Hence, your personal brand matters a lot to your business. One way to create your personal brand is to become an excellent blogger, author of articles and/or commentator regarding a subject you enjoy.


Leaders of Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Businesses Rely on Cornerstone for Superior Marketing Strategies

Why do so many small and midsized companies rely on Cornerstone’s expertise for business process automation and integration, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, technical support and marketing strategies? Simply stated, we know how to help businesses grow. Cornerstone has an amazing team of marketing specialists, consultants, CPAs, (U.S.-based and English speaking) programmers and web developers. The team has been providing marketing strategies, high-performance business software, as well as unparalleled technical support, to small and midsized manufacturing and wholesale distribution enterprises for more than thirty years.

We understand how to make businesses run better and specialize in, but are not limited to:

  • SAP Business One
  • E-commerce / M-commerce
  • Mobility
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Internet
  • Databases
  • Cloud Computing
  • Custom Programming
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Website Design , Development and Hosting
  • Content Marketing Strategies
  • Social Marketing Strategies

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