The Current SAP Business One Version 9.0 Offers Numerous New Features

On June 21, 2013 SAP announced general availability of SAP Business One (SAP B1), application version 9.0, running on Microsoft SQL. This business management solution for small businesses can be deployed on premises or in the cloud and can be is accessed via mobile devices. Even though the current version of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is (simply stated) absolutely amazing, this new version employs over 50 new features.  In addition to improved systems performance, the new features enhance the capabilities of Business One regarding business partner and warehouse management, infrastructure and inventory  management. Further, the 9.0 version of SAP Business One runs on SAP’s in-memory platform, HANA which is now in restricted shipment. The SAP HANA platform enables companies to analyze growing volumes of data instantly and gain the benefits of fast application performance without complicating IT landscapes.

New additions to the 9.0 version of SAP Business One available now include:

  • Greater collaboration through Ariba, an SAP company: The application is now integrated with the Ariba® Network. Customers can connect to the Ariba Network to manage more connections, with more buyers, across even more processes in a fully automated manner ““ all with direct integration to their SAP systems.
  • Simple adaptation to company and industry-specific requirements: The application includes newly integrated development environments for partners, consultants and customer IT employees. The enhanced software development kit helps to extend the functionality of SAP Business One and to create industry and company functionality as well as interfacing with third-party tools.
  • Ease of implementation and upgrade: Customers benefit from a central location for implementation and configuration tools. Intentionally designed to support (a) data migration from legacy systems and (b) copying data between companies, this new feature assists in accelerating implementation as well as reducing total cost of ownership.

Version 9.0 version applicable to SAP HANA, is planned to include:

  • Easier add-on development for partners: SAP Business One offers a dedicated development framework for partners to enable native development and deployment of analytical applications powered by SAP HANA.
  • New and enhanced business processes: By integrating operations in high-concurrent usage in real time with other business processes, such as invoice and delivery, SAP Business One speeds key transactions and enhances visibility into cash flow. Well designed fixed assets management, bin location management, multiple units of measurement and pricing and discounting reports have been included to help customers enhance their business process management and improve the enterprise’s bottom line.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics: Pervasive analytics have been supplemented by predictive capabilities adding SAP HANA as the data source. Common reporting such as balance sheets, inventory turnover and sales analysis has been further accelerated. Embedded reports support a comparison of suppliers, prices and payment terms to negotiate better deals and realize cost savings.

In true SAP fashion, the world leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems continues to improve upon their ERP solutions to help your business run more efficiently. Needless to say, SAP has again enhanced the most popular and fastest selling ERP for small and mid-sized businesses, Business One. Simply stated, SAP Business One Version 9.0 (which was recently released) adds tremendous value to your business processes.

Why is SAP Business One Version 9.0 any different from the versions that came before it? Here are some ways 9.0 can benefit your business:

Streamlined Administration Processes
Improvements in Master Data Cleanup Wizard – This feature was improved to support data privacy protection for business partner contacts, business partners and employee master data. Users can also (a) deactivate employees and business partners and (b) reverse the status at any time.

SAP Business One Improvement Program
Users can easily provide their feedback to SAP when they participate in the SAP Business One Improvement Program, because the application provides a user friendly facility based on each user’s specific diagnostic and usage information which, in turn, enables SAP to provide enhanced the utility of specific products.

Advanced Financial Accounting Capabilities
Advanced G/L Account Determination – This system is flexible, centralized, and has inventory G/L capabilities. Users can assign inventory G/L accounts by warehouses, items, business partner groups, item groups, tax IDs, ship-to states, ship-to countries and/or any combination of those with this G/L determination.

Fixed Assets
Users can plan the depreciation of their fixed assets with Version 9.0 using a new “Straight Line Period Control” method. Further, users can determine the depreciation of fixed assets in order to manage the fixed assets-related information in item master data, monthly base, and sell their fixed assets. Users can also change the asset class, create payments with cash discounts, appreciate a fixed asset and examine the statuses and detailed transactions of the user’s fixed assets based on dynamic reports.

Internal Reconciliation 
You can automatically display system currency balances, create conversion difference postings, and optimize calculation of the unrealized conversion difference through the Conversion Difference report.

Sales and Purchasing Cancellation of Sales and Purchasing Documents
Most sales and purchasing documents can be cancelled that usually trigger postings. A cancellation document will be created to reverse the inventory, tax, and accounting changes.

Purchase Request
When you make a perchance request document for services or items, you can initiate an internal purchase process. After that, you can copy it to a purchase order or purchase quotation.

Banking Payment, Check, and Deposit Cancellation Improvements
You can cancel deposits partially, cancel non- deposited checks with automatic journal entries, cancel deposited checks, and cancel incoming payments with deposited checks.

Inventory Bin Locations 
You can enable bin location function for individual warehouses and manage bin locations for your warehouse. You can record bin locations in the warehouses for all issues of inventory and receipts after you have enabled the bin location function. Further, you can (a) automate the process of allocating goods to and from bin locations during the receipt, issue, and transfer of goods and (b) receive an overview of all bin locations and check movements in bin locations using select reports and check the inventory statuses.

Implementation Tools Implementation Center
You are provided with a central location for the configuration and implementation of SAP Business One. You can generate configuration reports, configure company settings, copy data between companies, migrate data from legacy systems and execute implementation projects, to name a few, via the implementation center.

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