Tips for Finding the Right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

In order to determine if your enterprise needs a new business management software system of integrated modules (commonly known as enterprise resource planning (ERP)), it may be wise to figure out the best ways an integrated solution can facilitate how effectively and efficiently you’d like to serve your customers. For instance, would it be wise for you to consider integrating mobile commerce with your new ERP system so that you can service your customers better? In the technologically advanced world in which we live, customers expect businesses (especially distribution and retail) to be available to meet their needs, no matter the time of day. Customers want to be able to manage their account(s), access product information, make purchases and obtain necessary services through their mobile (Internet connected) devices. Empowered with mobile device (smart phones, iPads, iPhones, etc.) technology, customers could find your business website online, place orders for your products, and maintain their accounts. As this may initially seem like a mission critical element to be considered, after due ERP diligence with regard to your immediate requirements, you may realize that it would be better to have this developed at a later stage.

In order to begin the process of evaluating ERP systems, it might be a good idea to designate one employee from your company, with knowledge of information technology (IT), to perform online research regarding potential software solutions such as SAP Business One. Then, consolidate the information about the business enterprise software systems available on the market today. You may want to consider asking your C-Level (high ranking, executive) employees about other trends, such as electronic and/or mobile commerce, payroll, bar codes and scanning, warehouse management, and more. Performing this type of discovery could result in the need for support of additional software and processes. Next, the employee(s) you’ve designated to perform the ERP research will have to determine if the solution is designed for seamless integration with the add-on software your business may require.

Before making the decision about which ERP system will be the best fit for your company, it is always good to have “buy-in” from each department head within your organization. So, you may want to gather a team of experts from each of your business units and instruct them to create an outline of all essential ERP business processes. Receiving feedback from stakeholders, managers, and those who perform tasks related to accounting and finance, inventory and distribution, purchasing and operations, as well as analytics and reporting, regarding which mission critical ERP processes your business requires, is also highly recommended.

Helping Small and Midsize Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors (for More Than Thirty Years) Implement the Right ERP System | Providers of SAP Business One Software, Tech Support and Related Services 

Based in Tampa, FL, Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. is a business consulting and information technology (IT) company. Not only is Cornerstone an award-winning value added reseller (VAR) of  extremely efficient and integrated business (accounting, customer and sales management (CRM), inventory tracking-control-management, warehouse management, materials requirement planning (MRP), light manufacturing, accurate real-time analytical reports, and more) software systems, our highly-skilled team specializes in cutting-edge solutions and tech support for:

  • SAP Business One ERP
  • Electronic and Mobile Commerce
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Bar codes and Scanning
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Business Analytics
  • Internet
  • Databases (SAP HANA)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Custom Programming
  • Web Development

Innovative Software and Technology for your Growing Small or Midsize Business

Cornerstone provides software products, tech services and business process outsourcing which support all areas of a small or medium sized business, such as: financial accounting, operations, customer relationship management, sales, inventory control-tracking-management, warehouse management, e-commerce, and more. Cornerstone’s “dream team” of programmers, trainers and consultants specialize in providing our Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, and Online Retail clients with optimal business process configuration, integration and automation.

If you’d like your small or medium enterprise (SME) to run better,  out-maneuver competitors, improve interactions with each customer, have better solutions for finding new customers, and transform your business with the latest in technology, you’ve definitely found the right team to collaborate with and make it happen.

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