The New Release of SAP HANA

The new releases for SAP HANA SPS 08 provides businesses with the functionality to accelerate information technology advancements, utilize innovate solutions more rapidly, and simplify your operations.

With the latest release of SAP HANA, you can rapidly accelerate the adoption of infrastructure applications in your IT environments. For instance, the technology of SAP HANA now has options for including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Intel Ivy Bridge processor-based systems. In addition, you can expand further using a cloud service provider network.

SAP enables rapid business innovation, whether you are using SAP applications, custom solutions, or a combination of software and technology. Michael Eacrett of SAP stated, “SAP applications are enhanced to run more business functions and algorithms inside the SAP HANA database. Some of the enhancements made to SAP applications are, the ability to search attachments for SAP Business Suite, traverse time-dependent hierarchy for SAP Human Capital Management, Business Rules for SAP Fraud Management and Graph Engine capabilities for SAP Medical Insight application. You can innovative rapidly by extending SAP applications leveraging SAP HANA’s advanced capabilities.”

SAP HANA SPS 08 is released with SAP HANA revision 80. It is available for download on the SAP portal.



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