Locating and Securing Cargo at any Point in the Supply Chain

Shipment monitoring technology is advancing quickly, resulting in cellular and satellite tracking devices that can do everything from store solar power for five years to sync data bidirectionally with each other without the need for any human intervention. The technological advancements have dramatically improved the speed with which manufacturers and shippers can effectively manage inventory, track shipments, and prevent theft of their goods. As inventory and shipment information can now be rapidly obtained through the use of advanced tracking systems, it is important to have a strategy in place regarding how you will take action when alerted to deviations in the collected data. The companies which quickly and effectively turn any deviation in cargo tracking information into action can increase their bottom line and enjoy rapid return on investment (ROI).

Even though cellular and satellite technology makes it easier to secure instant real-time coverage of your goods while in transit, traditional devices like bar codes and radio frequency identification (RFID) are still being utilized for shipment tracking by many businesses. RFID will still remain relevant because of its accessibility and low cost no matter how far other technologies advance. As cellular and satellite shipment monitoring technologies are typically more expensive than bar codes and scanning systems or RFID, companies must weigh budget restrictions with realistic ideas concerning the extent of the cargo coverage they require.

Evaluating Shipment Monitoring Technology

When researching shipment monitoring technology solutions for purchase, there are many things to consider. For instance, if you require a simple means for tracking the movement of items that come in and out of your warehouse(s), you may want to consider reviewing inventory management solutions as well as bar codes and mobile scanning solutions. If you are transporting goods that have a a great potential of being stolen or your cargo containers are being shipped to high-risk regions of the world, you may want to consider a more sophisticated solution which includes a global positioning system (GPS) for tracking things like asset idles, device location, and cargo loading status. Although satellite systems and related devices can be expensive, they allow you to track your assets in (close to) real-time, from any device with an Internet connection. As part of a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution, you’ll be able to obtain instant access to the location of your database of items.

Sensor-based Logistics Program

There are systems on the market today, like SenseAware, which can provide you with sensors that can detect and then report if a package has been opened before delivery. The sensors can alert you to light and temperature changes with your package as well as provide you with the real-time location data of your shipment(s) on cellular networks. If a package has been opened before delivery, shippers receive an email notification which enables them to act promptly if/when a breach occurs.

Sensors increase security by working with two types of geofences: time-based and route-based. Companies have the option to set durations for each part of the journey.

Chris Swearingen, marketing manager for SenseAware, a FedEx subsidiary that operates a sensor-based logistics program stated, “If a shipment does not meet the specific time measurement for that part of the trip, it could indicate theft or another problem with transportation.” Shippers receive real-time alerts via email if a shipment breaks the geofencing parameters in both cases.

SenseAware subscriptions can be purchased which includes connectivity, equipment, and access to the system which users can track shipments.

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