Simple Inventory Control and Management

With the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, SAP Business One (commonly known as SAP B1), leaders of manufacturing and wholesale distribution businesses not only have the ability to dramatically streamline their inventory tracking processes, but they can also simplify operations across the entire organization.  The enterprise software allows you to manage lots, batches, serial numbers, items with bar coding, and track your goods in multiple warehouses all from a central location. In addition to having real-time visibility to see all of the item related data, the software makes it easy for you to perform stock availability checks instantly. You can quickly and easily see the products that have been committed to customers and which items are still available for purchase.

SAP Business One offers you the ability to track your goods all the way through the entire inventory cycle. With serial number, lot and batch management capabilities, you can have better control of the goods as they move through the inventory process. Batch or serial numbers can be assigned for items from vendors and drawn from available batches when the products are released. Further, a bar coding and scanning system can be integrated to facilitate the transfer of items between locations with SAP Business One.

SAP Business One lets you allocate the batch and serial number items to sales orders and reserve invoices. Regarding sales orders or accounts receivable (A/R) reserve invoices, you can easily:

  • View the status of the allocation of each serial or batch
  • Access the first pick list created
  • Update the allocation of each serial or batch

The system makes it simple for you to track your stock transfers from one warehouse to another, with the goods receipts and issuing functionality within SAP B1. Due to the integration of the inventory and accounting modules, when stock levels are adjusted accounts are instantly credited. In addition, when the pricing for items need to be changed, the application updates inventory instantly by updating individual products or lists of goods. Inventory and accounting transactions are seamless within SAP Business One.

For processing orders which require drop shipping, you can set up dedicated customer warehouses. orders are processed smoothly in customer warehouses. Cycle counts are performed while orders are shipped and received so that processes do not have to be suspended while stocktaking. The alerts management feature will notify the warehouse roles and purchasing managers if stock levels are below the minimum stock point or if there is a stock level discrepancy.

The inventory control functionality makes it simple for you to easily:

  • Access your customer sales and vendor purchases instantly
  • Track your goods through the inventory cycle
  • Manage pricing lists for individual items and/or groups of products
  • Control stock differences by warehouse, item group, item, vendor, or any custom defined property
  • Gain complete visibility of each batch, lot, or serial number used
  • Track stock transfers from warehouse to warehouse

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See a Demo of the SAP Business One ERP Software System

SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system designed to streamline small to midsize manufacturing, wholesale distribution and online retail enterprises for maximum efficiency. Unlike most other software applications that focus just on one specific area of a manufacturing, wholesale distribution or retail business, such as financial accounting or customer relationship management (CRM), SAP Business One is an “all-in-one” business management software solution. It offers a complete set of core modules, including financials, customer management, sales, operations, and logistics, which address the business management needs of your entire company.

SAP Business One is a fully integrated business management system that includes functionality around financials, sales, purchasing, distribution, HR and customer relationship management. In short, all the functionality you expect from a larger enterprise system, but substantially less to purchase and much faster to implement ““ a low risk option for your growing manufacturing, wholesale distribution or online retail business. Your business can achieve amazing things with SAP Business One!

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