SAP Business One Easy Configuration

SAP Makes ERP Implementation of SAP Business One Easy

For an implementation of SAP Business One (also known as Business One and SAP B1), performing the required system configurations in the right order is very important. To follow the structure and keep data dependencies in order, the Express Configuration Wizard tool within the software makes it easy to create common settings for the initialization of a new company database.

SAP Business One Implementation Center

1. Implementation Tasks

The tools below facilitate entering the required configuration settings:

  • Quick Copy
  • Solution Packager
  • DTW
  • Express Configuration Wizard

2. Implementation Project

  • Complete project plan template

3. Configuration Management

  • Configuration Settings
  • Compare saved configurations

4. Path Settings

  • Folder locations for use with tools

To prepare SAP Business One for use at a company,  settings, such as accounting, inventory, business partners, users, sales, and purchasing must be configured. Due to data dependencies, there is a suggested order for completing the system initialization and setup for a new company. The individual configuration screens are located under the Administration > System Initialization and Administration > Setup menus.

Create a new company and configure it in one step! Just choose the option New Using Wizard from the Choose Company screen. Note that you need to enter the site user password whenever you create a new company.

New Company

  • Company name and database
  • License/Trial version
  • Copy user defined fields and tables
  • Copy user defined objects
  • Localization
  • Chart of accounts
  • Base language
  • Initial posting periods

Configuration Steps

  • Company details
  • Perpetual inventory, chart of accounts, warehouses
  • House banks and banks
  • Business Partner groups, Payment terms
  • Price lists, item groups, inventory cycles
  • Document numbering, document settings
  • Licenses, authorizations, user accounts

The wizard guides you through the configuration process. The wizard automatically groups similar screens together.

Company Details

  • Company address
  • Contact information


  • Basic installation for accounting, which includes default account currency and currency exchange rates, local and system currencies
  • Use segmentation accounts
  • Enable advanced G/L account determination
  • Chart of accounts template
  • Define additional posting periods
  • Enable fixed assets
  • Set up tax groups and other tax related information
  • Add G/L accounts
  • Select accounts for G/L account determination
  • Define warehouses and the default warehouse
  • Enable and set up perpetual inventory
  • Set the default accounting level for inventory postings

Note: You cannot change the chart of accounts option after you have posted transactions in the new company.

Note: If you intend to import or post transactions for the previous fiscal year, you must define the posting periods for the previous year before you define the periods for the current year. Once you have defined the periods for the current year you cannot add posting periods for an earlier year.


  • House bank accounts
  • Banks
  • Default house bank account

Business Partners

  • Payment methods
  • Payment terms
  • Business Partner groups
  • Dunning terms


  • Units of measure groups
  • Inventory cycles
  • Units of measure
  • Item groups
  • Price lists
  • Bin locations

Sales and Purchasing

  • Landed costs
  • Manage freight in documents
  • Decimal places for documents
  • Sales stages
  • General and per document settings
  • Settings for gross profit calculation
  • Create more than one document per series, if necessary
  • Document numbering series
  • Reference field links


  • Sales employees/buyers
  • General authorizations
  • User accounts
  • License administration
  • Master data for employees

Configuration Report

  • A baseline report can be generated
  • New reports can be generated to show subsequent changes

Important to note that after any transaction has been posted in the SAP Business One system, these settings are grayed out in the wizard and cannot be changed:

  • Chart of Accounts template
  • Local and System Currencies

These checkboxes will show as grayed out and cannot be changed:

  • Display Credit Balance with Negative Sign
  • Use Segmentation Accounts
  • Use Perpetual Inventory (Use Continuous Stock)
  • Manage Item Cost per Warehouse
  • Use Purchase Accounts Posting System
  • Permit More than One Document Type per Series
  • Manage Freight in Documents

What Makes SAP Business One the Greatest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Application for The Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Industries?

SAP Business One SAP’s best selling ERP system. It is the fastest selling ERP solution on the market for these reasons:

1. It is simple to use. Please see the SAP Business One iTour

2. It is affordable. Professional (super) users approx. $3,000. Limited (financial, logistics, CRM) users approx. $1,500

3. Built by the world leaders in ERP, SAP, on the latest software and technology platform. Can be run on iPads and iPhones

SAP Business One is a fully integrated business management system which includes functionality around financials, sales, purchasing, distribution, HR and customer relationship management (CRM). In short, all the functionality you expect from a larger enterprise system, but substantially less to purchase and much faster to implement ““ a low risk option for your growing manufacturing, wholesale distribution or online retail business.

SAP’s best selling ERP for small and midsize businesses (SMB and SME) can be installed and run on your on-premise server or in a cloud. The database options are MS SQL and SAP HANA (for querying data at lightning fast speeds). MS SQL is a traditional database. SAP HANA is an in memory database.

As a singular data system, right “out of the box” the software offers completely integrated:

  • Financials
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Order Entry
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Warranty
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Partner (Customer/Vendor) Management
  • Banking
  • Inventory
  • RMA
  • Production Entry
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Service Management
  • HR Management
  • Crystal Reports Reporting Engine
  • Dashboard and Analytics Displays

If you are researching enterprise resource planning business management software systems, and would like more information about the fastest selling ERP program on the market, Cornerstone Consulting specializes in:

  • SAP Business One ERP
  • Electronic and Mobile Commerce
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Bar codes and Scanning
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Business Analytics
  • Internet
  • Databases (SAP HANA)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Custom Programming
  • Web Development

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