Leveraging Software and Technology for Your Business Advantage

Technological advancements are occurring at a rapid pace. Savvy business owners understand the value of keeping up with changing software and technology. They do so in order to stay ahead of the competition, streamline their business operations, and maximize enterprise profits. By leveraging the latest trends in software and technology to their advantage, businesses can grow with ease. Below are five important trends in 2014:

Data Analytics (also known as Data Analysis)

As the information about your transactions is critical to the survival of your business, data drives business. The demand for instant access to critical business information has generated the need for more accurate and timely data analysis to be performed. Having the ability to instantly generate up-to-the-minute analytical reports concerning each department within a company has become extremely valuable to C-Level (CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.) employees and business owners. Analysis of data from many different sources is being performed so that leaders can make sound business decisions concerning each area of their business. Business owners are also using data analytics to reveal the effectiveness of their marketing lead generation campaigns, sales efforts, buying trends of their customers, and more.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

In order to reach new customers and grow in different markets, having a presence on the Web is essential to your success. Having a search engine optimization (SEO) friendly website and a social media strategy are necessary components to be competitive online. In this day and age, most businesses have a website and profiles within social media accounts. Further, countless studies have revealed that (1) people research products and services online before they make a purchase, and (2) many use their mobile devices to search the Internet. If you currently do not have a website and digital marketing strategy, most likely, your competitors will have a presence online.

The Cloud

The popularity of cloud computing will continue to grow in 2014. As the cloud provides users with the ability to store programs and files on a server located in an offsite data center. By storing applications and data on the cloud, the programs and information can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection. Even though many business leaders still have issues concerning the security of their business data in the cloud, more companies have been embracing this technology this year. Business data storage and program management in the the cloud may become more affordable as it grows in popularity.

Mobile Technology

Utilizing mobile technology within a business setting seems to be a growing trend. More and more, employees are using smart phones (iPhones, Androids, etc.), tablets, and hand-held devices to perform tasks like processing a transaction, adding lead or customer data to a database, tracking items in warehouses, and more. Some have predicted that wearable technology will be the next evolution for increasing personal productivity. As an example, Google will release the wearable product, “Glass”, sometime this year.

Big Data for Collecting More Information About You

Business leaders are implementing systems and tools to streamline the methods for the collection of data from multiple sources. Personal information is being collected by countless sources concerning the websites people visit and the products they buy. With the increase in the use of smart devices, it will become even easier to collect information regarding an individual’s purchasing habits. Companies like Amazon and eBay currently leverage Big Data software and technology to obtain greater knowledge about their company’s operations, inventory management, vendors, leads, and customers.

Want Your Business to Benefit From Amazing Software and Technology?

SAP Business One the fastest selling enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system on the market. The business management software is designed to streamline small to midsize manufacturing, wholesale distribution and online retail enterprises for maximum efficiency. Unlike most other software applications that focus just on one specific area of a manufacturing, wholesale distribution or retail business, such as financial accounting or customer relationship management (CRM), SAP Business One is an “all-in-one” business management software solution. It offers a complete set of core modules, including financials, customer management, sales, operations, and logistics, which address the business management needs of your entire company.

SAP Business One is a fully integrated business management system that includes functionality around financials, sales, purchasing, distribution, HR and customer relationship management. In short, all the functionality you expect from a larger enterprise system, but substantially less to purchase and much faster to implement ““ a low risk option for your growing manufacturing, wholesale distribution or online retail business.

Why is SAP Business One SAP’s Best Selling ERP System?

1. The business software is incredibly easy to use
2. Provided by the largest business management software company and global ERP leaders, SAP, and constructed with the latest technology for mobility and analytics
3. Absolutely affordable for growing small and midsize businesses (approximately $3,000.00 for a Professional (Super) user and $1,500.00 for Limited (Financial accounting, CRM, Logistics) users

As a singular data system, right “out of the box” SAP Business One offers completely integrated:

  • Financials
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Order Entry
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Warranty
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Partner (Customer/Vendor) Management
  • Banking
  • Inventory Tracking, Control, and Management
  • Warehouse Tracking, Control, and Management
  • RMA
  • Production Entry
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Service Management
  • HR Management
  • Crystal Reports Reporting Engine
  • Dashboard and Analytics Displays

SAP Business One Help | Contact Cornerstone Consulting

If you’d like a more simple, easy and streamlined way to run your small or midsize business, SAP Business One is definitely worth your consideration. A master database is utilized to save time and eliminate the need for having employees, from different departments perform redundant tasks and enter data that has already been entered into the system. The enterprise software can be easily customized to fit many business functions. In addition, the ERP application provides you and your staff with the ability to operate in real-time, have up-to-the-minute data, and generate accurate analytics.

Free 30 Day Trial of SAP B1 in Your Own Private Cloud

Want to test drive the most amazing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system currently available on the market? You can experience how much more efficient your customer relationship management (CRM), financial accounting, material requirement planning (MRP) and inventory control-tracking-management operations could be with SAP’s ERP for growing small and midsize businesses, SAP Business One. You can have (a test database of) SAP Business One in your own private cloud, at no cost or obligation to you!

SAP Business One Free 30 Day Trial 

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Cornerstone provides software products, tech services and business process outsourcing which support all areas of a small or medium sized business, such as: financial accounting, operations, customer relationship management, sales, inventory control-tracking-management, warehouse management, e-commerce, and more. Cornerstone’s “dream team” of programmers, trainers and consultants specialize in providing our Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical (All-natural / Organic), and Online Retail clients with optimal business process configuration, integration and automation.

If you’d like your small or medium business enterprise (SMB or SME) to run better, streamline warehouse inventory management with the use of mobile solutions, out-maneuver competitors, improve interactions with each customer, have better solutions for finding new customers, and transform your business with the latest in technology, you have definitely found the right team to collaborate with and make it happen.

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