Re-Examining Cornerstone Consulting Inc.’s SAP Business One Software


A Fresh Look for the Uninitiated:

Regardless, of what industry you are working in right now, you’ve undoubtedly come across the name IBM (i.e. International Business Machines), which is a multinational technology and consulting corporation. You might not know that in the mid 1970’s a team of five brilliant German engineers from IBM decided to branch off and start their own company, which is where the popular SAP (Systems, Applications and Data Processing) system was born. A healthy percentage of you may recall the old employee punch card systems, which were updated at the end of each workday. One of the very first uses of SAP was to replace those punch cards with a fresh system that could keep track of hours worked, accounting and payroll data details in real-time. That drastically transformed the business world for everyone. Today, SAP is a world leader in the software industry and focuses on providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions technology that largely addresses organizations involved in one of six domains:

  • Process Industries
  • Discrete Industries
  • Consumer Industries
  • Service industries
  • Financial Services
  • Public Services

For over 30 years our Cornerstone Consulting team has worked to serve small to mid-sized manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies by providing them with business management software solutions for their needs. In 2005, Cornerstone became resellers of the SAP software, SAP Business One, which is also known more simply as SAP B1.


What SAP B1 Does Best:

Figuring out how to get more organized is one of the great conundrums entrepreneurs and business leaders across all sectors face, especially in the beginning. What starts as one person operation with a few simple systems to track your first few sales eventually attracts a real consumer base, requiring additional staff and software systems that can effectively streamline operations, while standing the great test of time. Cornerstone consultants know that as a rule, no one should expect to last against competitors or to hold onto a truly talented workforce if valuable time is wasted using inefficient, unconnected systems or software. We offer SAP because it affords you and your employees greater time which otherwise will go towards repetitive data entry for all those different, unconnected systems. SAP B1 solves this and helps to:

  • Save Valuable Time for You and Your Staff to Increase Efficiency Across the Board
  • Transform an Underutilized Data Entry Teams into a Passionate Sales Force
  • Reduce Confusion and Opportunities for Mistakes
  • Eliminate Redundancy or Repetition
  • Reduce Risks Overall

SAP B1 makes all of this possible by allowing you to implement game changers like a fully automated shipping processes with real-time tracking. So, you can see the moment a customer decides to place an order, the minute they receive it and when they write their first of many positive reviews. That means you can start to generate orders quicker, improve tracking and maintain total inventory awareness across multiple warehouses, etc., all of which will ultimately lead to improved customer relations. But that’s just the beginning of what this platform can do. The SAP B1 platform also includes businesses networking and report management tools, so that you can determine where your next lead will be and make the next major sale even quicker.



So to recap, SAP systems were first designed by five brilliant IBM engineers and transformed the business world. Today, Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. offers SAP B1 software to help small to mid-sized companies streamline operations, eliminate redundancy and better connect with customers. If you’re striving for measurable success in your industry, this is the software you’ll need to compete and last. Furthermore, this is the business blog you’ll need to follow to learn more about the incredible features SAP B1 offers for your business needs.


If you have any questions about SAP B1, please contact Cornerstone Consulting at 813-321-1300.

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