Communicating with Cornerstone’s SAP Business One Consultants

Communicating with Cornerstone Consultant: President/CEO, Dave


Connecting with Cornerstone Team Leader, Dave

Countless organizations, large and small alike, get so caught up in their business identities and brands that they forget, it’s unique  individual human beings who altogether make their very existence possible. Every great product, service or idea that’s manufactured and sold is a byproduct of these teams of people working together. At Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. we haven’t forgotten this fundamental fact. We understand that many of our clients are just as interested in our cutting-edge SAP Business One software, as they are in the exceptional individuals they connect with to implement that software. Individuals like Cornerstone’s founder and President, Dave.

As president, Dave has dedicated over thirty years to helping grow the Cornerstone team and serving clients throughout the nation with incredible ERP (enterprise-wide resource planning) software solutions. But we know that he’s more than the leader of the Cornerstone Consulting team. When Dave’s not diligently working for clients, he also knows how to unwind and genuinely enjoy life. Dave has a great passion for music. His love of music began in early childhood. While in high school, Dave played in a local rock band, supporting the finding that rock fans are creative, gentle and easy-going. So, it’s no wonder that he’s able to work well to serve so many other unique and creative business leaders.


front-005Dave also shared, “I love to sail. There is just something about the wind and being powered along by forces of nature that is totally awesome!” When Dave is not listening to great music or out on the open ocean, he likes to get back to the basics with family. Dave firmly believes that a strong and supportive family is the bedrock for any successful endeavor in life, professional or otherwise. With his strong family foundation in place Dave finds the tasks associated with helping other entrepreneurs with their business needs is a satisfying and straightforward process. As a result of this excellent mindset and attitude, Dave has been able help thousands of small and midsize business leaders, in many different industries, across the country. Much of his success is due to how he empowers business leaders to utilize cutting-edge software and technology to their advantage. Not only do his clients outmatch competitors, expand their businesses faster, and provide their customers with exceptional service, they have more time to enjoy life.



  • As President, Dave has helped thousands of small and midsize business leaders reach their full professional potential, outmatch competitors and expand faster
  • His clients use SAP Business One software, the fastest selling ERP system on the market
  • With his strong family foundation in place he finds the tasks associated with helping other entrepreneurs with their business needs is always a satisfying and straightforward process for everyone involved


Believing in  SAP Business One

Dave_Boos_BABM_covershotAs a child, Dave remembers his parents always saying, “There is nothing to hard to do if you set your mind to it”. With this philosophy, Dave consistently takes an enthusiastic interest in clients. In order to help their businesses expand and thrive, Dave encourages an open exchange of creative ideas and innovative collaboration with his team.

Dave understands how business leaders need less stress and more time to enjoy fun activities. The software he resells, SAP B1, is a healthy and complete software solution for managing all the major aspects of your small or midsize business. It is a completely integrated, “all-in-one” business management system of financial accounting, sales, customer service, inventory and warehouse management, material requirement planning (MRP) and more. The unified business software system allows you to instantly: track and control inventory; purchase materials; ship orders; satisfy customer demands; manage finances, and more using one database. Dave enjoys being a top reseller of SAP Business One. This state of the art software is now considered the fastest selling ERP system on the market.



  • Dave believes in SAP Business One because as a family man and entrepreneur himself, he knows how precious time is in a single business day.
  • SAP B1 is the kind of innovative, time-saving, profit increasing and operation streamlining software Cornerstone consultants share with the world.


SAP: Software Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Management

If you’re a business leader interested in connecting with team Cornerstone Consulting about our SAP Business One ERP system, act today. You can connect with our team’s certified SAP Business One consultants at 813-321-1300.


Info. and Videos about our popular ERP System, SAP B1 Software + the Cornerstone Consulting’s team’s Software Services Look Below:


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