The Networked Economy

Within Amy-jo Crowley’s article, SAP On The Future of the Internet of Things, Dinesh Sharma, SAP’s VP of Marketing answered questions about the subject of Networked Economy. Sharma described how those in the Retail Industry can thrive within the networked economy. For example, eBay is currently using SAP HANA data analytics technology. With the SAP HANA for data analytics, it was stated that, “eBay is able to monitor trading in its marketplaces and run analyses that confidence score trades, or detect unwelcome activities to provide a better customer service.”

CBR Q: To what extent is SAP’s HANA cloud platform currently enabling the Networked Economy? What other tools are at the core of it and why?

The cloud is a key enabler of the networked economy. The vast and growing volume of data that the networked economy is built upon requires a platform that can adequately store and retrieve information in near-real time. Legacy databases simply do not have the required speed or ease of use to make the networked economy flow. SAP’s HANA cloud platform is capable of realizing the true potential of collective insight, simplifying the complexity of such large caches of data and drilling down into what is business-critical.

CBR Q: How are you finding competing against Oracle’s, Microsoft’s and IBM’s in-memory products, which are becoming increasingly popular in the space?

Our competitors certainly all have their own versions of in-memory products but HANA is different. This opportunity to combine different types of data sets is where the real differentiation lies. From a basic speed perspective, HANA remains a leader in the in-memory market, but even if the competitors do catch up, the HANA platform includes geospatial, predictive graph engines that are rooted into the database, and their usage is being embedded into the next generation of business applications that will power an array of predictive analytics tools.

CBR Q: Data protection authorities have agreed that data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices should be “regarded and treated as personal data”. To what extent do you agree and is SAP addressing this?
The question of personal data and privacy is – and should – always be discussed at length in relation to data generation and collection. SAP is committed to delivering solutions that help businesses run smarter – our heritage is in delivering business critical systems and security has therefore always been at the forefront of our agenda. That said, businesses themselves must also consider the consequences of not handling personal data with sensitivity.

CBR Q: Some have argued that there are too many standards, players and ecosystems to connect the billions of devices and applications together. To what extent do you agree and how is SAP addressing these challenges?
At SAP we offer open platforms and true collaboration with our partners, our partnerships with the ecosystem of device and connectivity suppliers makes it easier for customers to adopt. Simplicity is at the heart of what we do and part of this is ensuring businesses have all the capabilities they need to succeed in the networked economy. The SAP Startup focus is a global programme helping promising start-ups in the big data, predictive and real-time analytics space. The program aims to go give flexible access to HANA, providing businesses of all sizes with the knowledge they need to leverage SAP HANA in the ecosystem of connected devices.

CBR Q: Are there any other challenges and if so how can they be overcome?

For SAP to help businesses embrace the networked economy and benefit from the great opportunities it presents, businesses must first understand the reasoning for doing so. The reality is that many organisations remain split between analogue and digital technologies.

The Hamburg Port Authority is a great example of how an organisation can quickly embrace the networked economy – once they know the reasoning behind it. The Port Authority is responsible for overlooking the logistics at the second largest port in Europe. With a current turnover of 9 million containers per year – expected to rise to 25 million by 2025 – space is increasingly at a premium. The need to increase productivity without significant changes to the existing port infrastructure led the Port Authority to develop the Smart Port Logistics program.


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