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How and Why Small Businesses Save Time and Increase Sales with SAP B1:

Even the most successful small business leaders with staffs consisting of 100 employees or less, need software systems and tools that can help them increase sales, keep track of inventory, manage customers more efficiently and streamline operations enterprise-wide. The leaders of small businesses need affordable tools to help them compete with larger corporations. In the past, the best business applications for integrated: accounting, customer relationship management, inventory management, material requirement planning, and warehouse management software applications were typically only available to large organizations. These sophisticated enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems were not only expensive, they were time-consuming to implement. Therefore, many leaders of growing small and midsize companies continued to try to run their operations using many disparate and non-integrated software programs.

That’s why SAP Business One is major game changer for the modern business world. Specifically designed for small and midsize businesses, SAP B1 is a fully integrated ERP or enterprise resource planning software system. SAP B1 provides you with the software applications you need to keep all of the departments in your company completely connected and progressing together. In addition, the unified software solution can provide you with valuable real-time data concerning things like: your best selling items, most effective sales people, current inventory levels, and so much more. The system is extremely popular with leaders of wholesale distribution and manufacturing companies, because of the built-in inventory tracking, control and management. You can immediately view the details of your entire shipping process from warehouse to store (online or anywhere in the world), and then to consumer. You can also instantly view essential information about your marketing projects, communications and activities with customers, and more. And, that’s only the beginning. Most importantly, SAP B1 is designed with small and midsize businesses in mind. The software helps you streamline operations, track inventory in real-time, and manage your company more efficiently than ever before. With SAP Business One, you can finally eliminate redundancy and save valuable usable employee time.

For example, if you manufacture, ship and sell packages of bottled vitamins then just for starters you’ll likely need to: consistently research your target audience, gather your social resources or experts, market your vitamins, calculate product demand, track inventory and monitor both customers and sales. A single SAP software system does all of that simultaneously to save you and your team great time and energy.


In Review

  • It’s often difficult for leaders to find software solutions that are fitting for small and midsized businesses.
  • SAP B1 is a game changing software system that saves small to midsized businesses valuable time by increasing efficiency enterprise-wide.


Avoid Stress with SAP Business One:

Lago di ToblinoAlmost any executive would agree that running a small business can be extremely stressful. Leaders of small business enterprises face many challenges. Even with a highly skilled team of employees, there’s always a massive quantity of work each employee must accomplish. Business owners often struggle with appropriately managing tasks so that each staff member can obtain a balance in their lives. When employees have too many tasks and not enough time in a day to effectively complete all that has been assigned, work can be exhausting. Cornerstone Consulting is especially sensitive to this problem. Our goal is to help growing small businesses utilize technology to their advantage. Not only do we implement software solutions that are designed to connect all departments within your company, we also provide advice regarding simplifying business processes. Our talented software consultants can help you simplify your life, sell more products, decrease stress, and enjoy having more fun in life.

Cornerstone has been helping leaders of manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and online retail achieve tremendous success for more than thirty years. Our clients are so successful because they work smarter, not harder. The software and technology we provide, SAP B1, can boost the performance of each department within your company. SAP Business One isn’t just a software solution, it can be considered your key to a better business lifestyle overall.


In Review

  • Cornerstone Consulting is a small business dedicated to serving other small to midsize business leaders with cutting-edge software solutions.
  • SAP B1 is an investment in your present prosperity and future happiness.


SAP: Software Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Management

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