SAP Business One’s Inventory Module Feature


Basic Inventory vs. Great Inventory Systems

In general, many small business inventory software systems available on the market today allow you to take care of basic processes relating to item control, tracking and management. Simple inventory software solutions often meet small business inventory management requirements, until the company grows. Small business inventory management software typically allows you to see which products you have in stock, items that are on order, stock that is on back order and when the goods will arrive. Some small business inventory management software will also allow you to manually track the items in your warehouse(s) and what’s been sold, recently. This is the bare minimum functionality that you can expect with a good, basic inventory system.

A great inventory system allows you to keep track of all inventory items as they move through your facility and/or across multiple warehouses. More sophisticated inventory management software systems can be configured to automate tasks, provide users with more information faster, and minimize manual processes. SAP Business One’s inventory software has amazing functionality for item tracking, control and management. With real-time access to your inventory management, you can see the products you have and exactly where the items are, instantly. For example, consider a company that sells energy drinks. The energy drink company will need to have enough bottles in stock to meet consumer demands. If they do not have enough inventory in stock, they can risk disappointing and potentially losing loyal customers. To provide exceptional customer service, the energy drink company must track and manage inventory effectively and consistently. To fulfill a large order for a client, the energy drink company must be sure of the products they currently have available, where each necessary item is, and when new materials need to be ordered. With the right software, not only do you have the right tools to perform outstanding customer services, you can also easily manage your inventory more efficiently than your competition. For the manufacturers and wholesale distributors planning to expand their business, having the right inventory management software system, such as SAP Business One, is critical.


To Review:

  • Basic small business inventory management software offer limited functionality for real-time tracking, control and management
  • SAP B1 comes with a great inventory system, allowing you to access more data, faster than ever and increase efficiency, exponentially


Make Life Easier and Business More Profitable

inventory-list-sap SAP Business One allows you to benefit from its great inventory system immediately. The SAP B1  software system is designed to help you streamline and access the most important information about your business, faster. As the business management software provides you with an integrated system of accounting, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), warehouse management, material requirements planning (MRP), and more right “out of the box”, you can run your entire enterprise more efficiently than ever before. SAP offers you a way to expand your company and reach a wider audience without the stress of keeping up with a many disconnected details. The inventory feature that’s included within SAP B1 is by far one of the most convenient small business tools available.


Unique Features for Unique Profits:

  • Item management for all item data: SKU (i.e. product type), name, bar code, trademark, expiration, measurements, price, image, etc.
  • Supports multiple inventory methods: standard cost, weighted moving average and FIFO (i.e. first-in, first-out).
  • Price lists: lets you manage as many price lists as you need and can be associated with customers or suppliers.
  • Decide and assign when inventory items should be recounted.
  • Keep records of all inventory transfers between warehouses.
  • Quantity pricing: pricing based on the amount purchased.
  • Item query: gives you a quick look at the details of an item.
  • Ability to have multiple vendors for a single product.
  • Links to MRP (i.e. material requirements planning).
  • Assign substitute or alternate inventory items.
  • Improve management of pick, pack, and ship.
  • Transfer inventory between warehouses.
  • Stock transactions and data.
  • Assign/track inventory lots.
  • Keep vendor order history.
  • Special customer pricing.
  • Track serial numbers.
  • Release from stock.


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