SAP Guides Small Businesses Through 2015 Election Year Sinkholes


Save Money and Manage Better with SAP:

Social and political environments have a huge impact on businesses. Large enterprises are able better able to weather the storms of an election year because their size affords them significant financial maneuverability. However, our nation’s small to midsized companies are often the first to the feel the changes they bring about, as even the most reliable donors and consumers become increasingly economical during these times. 2015 brings the U.S. a variety of elections including three gubernatorial, four state legislative and three state judicial races. In addition, there will be mayoral races occurring everywhere from Tampa, Florida to Chicago, Illinois. It’s not even that people lose faith in particular products or services, rather that there’s a greater social need to save up to financially support favored political figures and civic movements for a time. This all takes up considerable time and effort for much of the country that detracts from the net sales of small and midsized companies. Nonetheless, these are the companies that simply can’t wait through a whole year to pick up their profits. So if you’re a leader at one these companies, you absolutely must have the right tools to steer your business around the many sinkholes that accompany election year sales. There are a variety of popular software systems available to address this issue but one in particular which is a clear-cut above the rest is SAP Business One. SAP B1 is a totally comprehensive ERP or enterprise resource planning toolkit for small and midsized business leaders. It offers you the opportunity to drastically improve even your best business management strategies by keeping track of everything from inventory and assets to wholesale distribution and marketing details. Essentially, it puts you on the same playing field as bigger businesses and consequently affords you the same ability to weather election years with just as much ease.


To Review:

  • Election years can have a negative financial effect on small to midsized businesses.
  • SAP Business One affords businesses the ability to comfortably endure any social or political changes.


Cornerstone Takes the Lead for Small Business Software with SAP B1:

medical-device-softwareOne seasoned team of leading software consultants, IT specialists, programmers and marketers at Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. in Tampa, Florida has served as the foundation for small business success nation-wide. Cornerstone’s tech team has spent the last three decades triumphantly helping small and midsized businesses like yours take the steps necessary to expand their target audiences, see greater profits at the end of the fiscal year and enjoy the well-deserved fruits of a fully flourishing company. Cornerstone is a strong advocate for the use of SAP B1 by small business leaders because we know it’s a proven and affordable solution, especially for these election year droughts. SAP B1 is the best answer for the strains of social and political change because it brings organized, stability and real-time, enterprise-wide awareness of assets, warehouse inventory, sales, credits, all the facets of wholesale distribution and small business marketing projects in one completely interconnected, cutting edge software system that comes with consistently, reliable support from Cornerstone’s helpful software consultants.


To Review:

  • Cornerstone’s software consultants have helped small to midsized businesses flourish through for three solidly successful decades with SAP B1.
  • SAP B1 brings in organized stability and real-time, enterprise-wide awareness of everything from warehouse inventory to marketing projects.


SAP: Software Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Management

If you’re a small or midsized business leader preparing for the strains of the 2015 election year on your company and have questions about Cornerstone Consulting’s affordable SAP Business One software system, act now and contact our team’s certified SAP Business One consultants at 813-321-1300.


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