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SAP, Good News for Your Business Finances:

According to recent findings gained in a series of experiments conducted by researchers at both Stanford Graduate School of Business and Tilburg University in the Netherlands, simply “feeling powerful, defined as having control over valuable resources, is a pleasing enough state that individuals are motivated to maintain it. Furthermore, slight variations in these feelings of power have can directly affect the way you manage finances (i.e. savings, etc.),” explained Dr. Anne-Kathrin Klesse of Tilburg. That’s especially significant news for the SAP user and corporate community because with the right software, such as SAP Business One it’s incredibly easy to enact visibly, measurable control over all of your resources and assets so that you can start saving critical company capital. Over thirty straight years of success has shown the world that the tech talent at Cornerstone Consulting in Tampa is at the top of the software consulting class. Our Cornerstone consultants are ready and eager to tackle your business problems and give you the best possible software, programming and IT solutions available, starting with the very best, SAP Business One.



  • Feeling in control of valuable resources correlates to motivated saving practices.
  • SAP B1 software gives you complete control over your company’s resources, assets and applications.



Feel in Control and Accumulate Capital with SAP Business One:Symbol

Ever wonder how your company eats up so much capital in the first place or how you could be saving more money? You need to seriously examine all the disparate tools and software systems operating on disconnected desktop and web programs or apps and serving as the shaky foundation for your critical business functions. Think about it, would you prefer to settle into a house that’s built on an array of mismatched stones or a solid concrete foundation? The majority of us would like our homes and our businesses to last and so, would select the durable concrete foundation. Using applications that are not even slightly integrated and requiring manual data entry slows operations down and ultimately serves your customers, staff and you poorly.

SAP Business One is an extremely affordable, high quality solution to this predictably disastrous business practice for small to mid-sized organizations and entrepreneurs. We encourage it because it offers all that you need to run an enterprise regardless of your specific industry by eliminating redundancy and connecting invaluable software systems. SAP B1’s comprehensive platform connects and covers everything from inventory and asset management to wholesale distribution and manufacturing details. Just to start, SAP Business One will provide regular reports for and fully organize your:

  • Business Partner (Customer/Vendor) Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Dashboard and Analytics Displays
  • Crystal Reports Reporting Engine
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Banking and Financials
  • Service Management
  • Production Entry
  • HR Management
  • Order Entry
  • Warranties
  • Inventory
  • RMA

Now, count how many disconnected and useless applications you can cut. You might need multiple hands. Feel in control? If the answer isn’t a firm yes, then you should very seriously consider SAP Business One now. Don’t waste another day or another dollar. Command your ship, control your finances today.


SAP: Small and Midsize Business Management Software Solutions

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