Cornerstone’s SAP Business One and e-Commerce Solutions for SME’s


SME’s Use SAP Business One (often referred to as SAP B1 or Business One) Application and E-commerce  to Improve Efficiency and Increase Online Sales

front-001How strong is your small business success strategy? How well do you really connect with your target customers? With the cutting-edge SAP Business One ERP (i.e. enterprise resource planning) software system implemented by SAP VAR (i.e. value-added reseller), gold partner, Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. your manufacturing, wholesale distribution, online retail, or professional services business can grow with ease and provide your customers with exceptional products as well as services.

SAP Business One is a leading choice for SME’s seeking efficiency and expansion options because it offers fully integrated financial accounting, purchasing, shipping, inventory, traceability technology, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, sales and CRM (i.e. customer relationship management) optimization tools. The SAP Business One system not only offers you a wide variety of business operation basics, it also effectively connects all of the systems and team members involved in these critical business processes through a single, incredibly intuitive and user-friendly platform. Even more convenient is the fact that with the latest, popular mobile application that accompanies SAP Business One, sales teams and executives on the go can access all of this data at anytime and in anyplace. This is the clear SME solution to your business efficiency and expansion considerations.

SAP Business One’s e-Commerce Addition

Your business can also benefit from an e-Commerce system that seamlessly integrates with your SAP Business One ERP system for everything from web order processing simplification and automation to additional online profit generation. By working with our experienced software team at Cornerstone Consulting in your implementation of the SAP Business One software system, you could begin to benefit from an amazing, business game-changing e-Commerce option designed specifically for integration with B1, right away.

But howbtn-ecommerce-software could e-Commerce improve your unique SME? Electronic commerce a.k.a. e-Commerce draws on mobile commerce, EFT (i.e. electronic funds transfer), supply chain management, internet marketing, online transaction processing, EDI (i.e. electronic data interchange) and automated data collection technology to connect customers to companies, online. Today many people understand all of this simply as, online shopping or marketplaces.

Not only is e-Commerce an excellent way to launch your newest products and services, it’s a fantastic route to reaching customers that spend a significant quantity of time on the web. For small businesses worldwide, e-Commerce has already become an integral, modern tool for engaging with and selling to key customers. So much so that as recently as 2012, e-Commerce sales exceeded one trillion dollars. Furthermore, some projections suggest that purchases and sales made from smart phones alone will account for up to twenty-five percent of markets success by 2017. So, it’s really simple: If a significant percentage of consumers and competitors are taking greater advantage of the convenience of buying, trading and selling online, then you must consider investing adequately in that avenue to maintain a profitable edge in your industry and possibly even expand into new markets in the future.

When the comprehensive SAP Business One ERP system is integrated to work seamlessly with e-Commerce software, business activities can be dramatically improved.

Useful SME Stats and Facts:

  • 23% of retailers are expecting sales growth in 2015.
  • By 2017 25% of markets will benefit from e-Commerce activities.
  • Recent trends show that consumers are ditching physical stores for mail-order and online shopping.
    • This industry has great room for growth in the future.

SME Software Solution Consultants

contact-page-b1Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. has served thousands of small and midsize business leaders throughout the Tampa Bay, Florida area and across the nation with unparalleled success for over three decades. Our software savants are experienced in attentively listening to and working to satisfactorily serve small and midsize enterprise leaders, so that they can better serve our world with the high quality products and services that their most passionate about and consumers enjoy.

If you contact us today for your small or midsize business needs, you can count on an informative consultation. Plus, we’ll provide you with a free 30-Day trial of the incredible SAP Business One ERP software. Contact a Cornerstone software consultant, now.



SAP: Software Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Management

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Cornerstone Consulting’s successful software team will help you increase efficiency right away with:

  • SAP Business One
  • Electronic and Mobile Commerce
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Bar codes and Scanning
  • Custom Programming
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Web Development
  • Business Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet

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