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Traceability Compliance

Government regulations and industry guidelines now demand full traceability from companies of all sizes including every small and midsize business leader, like yourself. The government enforces item tracking to protect the consumers. Recently, several news sources have revealed that a variety of nutraceutical companies didn’t have the high quality ingredients they thought they were receiving, distributing and selling to their customers. Having strong track-and-trace technology is clearly more imperative than ever before. That’s where SAP Business One comes in, which provides the essential traceability you need to protect your company and ensure the legitimacy of your products’ true high quality source. What’s more significant, the ever popular SAP Business One ERP (i.e. enterprise resource planning) software system is designed to help you more effectively meet these regulation standards faster than ever. While your competitors waste valuable business time trying to figure out ways to provide the government with accurate inventory tracking reports, you and your staff will have the right information at your fingertips. Whether you specialize in nutraceuticals or another valuable industry, with SAP B1, you can confidently provide regulators with the information they require to show that your products are verifiable. You will also easily be able to trace back to the high quality materials and ingredients from which they were originally manufactured.


industries-page-link-naturals2SAP B1 makes track-and-trace technology simple and easy. The built-in item tracking capability enables you to accurately track specific activity in your warehouse(s). With real-time visibility, you can see where inventory comes from and where it’s scheduled to go next. The application also improves: communication with your vendors by delivering necessary orders faster; tracing the shelf-life of products whenever you need to; the speed with which customers receive information about your goods; and dramatically reducing the stress and risks associated with recalls. From raw materials to delivered products, SAP B1 makes it simple for you to better track, manage and control your inventory.



  • SAP Business One grants full traceability to meet gov’t. regulations, industry guidelines and consumer demands for small and midsize companies.
  • SAP B1 makes it simple, swift and oh so affordable.


Cornerstone Consultants Can Help with SAP B1

industries-page-link-naturalsTampa’s leading IT software team, Cornerstone Consulting, Inc., is comprised of talented IT specialists, programmers, analysts, C.P.A.s, marketers and administrators. The team has successfully served small and mid-size enterprises across the nation with great success for more than thirty years. Our team is known for quickly and efficiently streamlining operations. We also collaborate with business owners to implement amazing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that offer reliable, real-time data. We enjoy helping business owners expand into new markets ahead of competitors. We encourage implementation of SAP Business One because it is a single business management software system of unified accounting, customer relationship, and inventory management. It is also an affordable business software solution for small to mid-sized businesses with anywhere from 5 to 500 employees or users. The complete SAP Business One ERP business management software system is sold by the user and that user type distinguishes the access each employee can have within the SAP B1 system. So not only can you track-and-trace your products, you’re also in charge of who can view the critical aspects of your company’s overall operation process. Your security is guaranteed from the minute the enterprise system is implemented. SAP B1 is the best business software solution for today’s entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s industry leaders. If you’re interested in being an industry leader, then we’re the software consulting team you need.



  • Cornerstone consultants encourage SAP Business One because with this essential software your business security is guaranteed from the get-go.
  • SAP B1 is affordable and perfectly designed to suit any small to mid-sized business with 5 to 500 employees or users.


SAP: Software Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Management

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