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Nutraceutical SME’s Use SAP Business One


product-trackingAre you an SME leader in the natural products a.k.a. nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry? If so, then you will need SAP Business One software to get ready for the FDA’s new set of strict industry guidelines that will drastically effect your business’ budget and operations.

As a result of the recent scandal involving the major retailers Walmart, Walgreens, GNC and Target’s fraudulent mislabeling of ingredients in their store brand supplements, the FDA is currently preparing for and will soon release new industry-wide mandates. These mandates will likely require all American distributors of such supplements to test, verify and appropriately label all of their supplements products for the safety of consumers, nationwide. This means, you will be required to utilize business management tools such as, track-and-trace or traceability technology to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt where your raw materials were grown or originated; what materials were used in the manufacturing of said product; and to accurately record the percentages of each individual ingredient that ends up in its final package for labeling purposes and customers peace of mind. Everyone will have to adjust to this new set of industry standards. Fortunately with SAP Business One, you can now do so with incredible ease.


SAP Business One Helps SME’s Meet Federal Regulations


SAP Business One offers you the tools to help you provide the FDA with accurate reports concerning the tracking of your products. Also, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is designed help you cut costs, save time and provide customers with products and/or services quickly and efficiently.

This cutting-edge ERP  software system offers users financial, purchasing, inventory, sales, CRM (i.e. customer relationship management), warehouse management, distribution and necessary traceability technology management features. You can have everything you need to run your business faster and more efficiently than ever, while preparing for the FDA’s coming regulations.


  • The FDA will soon require nutraceutical companies to use traceability technology to keep consumers safe and satisfied.
  • SAP B1 includes financial, purchasing, inventory, sales, CRM, shipping, distribution and traceability technology features.

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