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SAP B1 Serves You and Your Business Long-term

Countless reports have consistently revealed that taking time for breaks and relaxing is crucial for maintaining good health. This is also considered a wise preventative maintenance strategy for reducing the chance of suffering from major neurodegenerative diseases (i.e. dementia, alzheimers, ALS, Parkinsons, etc.). Neurodegenerative diseases impede one’s capacity to fulfill daily professional duties. Encouraging executives to take breaks and relax during the day is a very serious and often overlooked aspect of proper business management. For many small and midsize business executives that rely on fewer (i.e. 100 or less) team members, this crucial mental and physical relief time is often discouraged. Instead, the relaxation time is typically spent reviewing reports, performing strategic planning, or other non-essential work.

Fortunately, SAP Business One eliminates the need for you and your employees to toil non-stop. SAP software is designed to help keep all your company team members, not only well organized but also completely connected with all other departments. With data from one department to another flowing easily and operations enterprise-wide running more efficiently than ever before, you can better serve your employees and your business for the future.


Lago di ToblinoSAP B1 includes everything your small or midsize business could ever need to achieve optimum results: accounting software that automates, integrates and manages all of your financial and accounting processes; inventory management software that tracks stock movements, manages production orders based on MRP (i.e. material requirements planning) and inventory across multiple warehouses; CRM (i.e. customer relationship management) software that helps you to increase profitability and customer satisfaction with effective opportunity, sales and post-sale support management; purchasing software that automates your entire procurement process from purchase order to vendor invoice payment; and instant access to complete information supplied by the comprehensive, real-time SAP Crystal Reports solution that’s been built-in to the SAP B1 ERP (i.e. enterprise resource planning) system. All of this comes on SAP’s high-speed, clear and user-friendly platform, which you can access from anywhere and at anytime from your mobile devices. So at last, you and your staff can take time to relax, reduce work related tension and remove the software and technology barriers that impede success and expansion.



  • SAP B1 includes everything your small or midsize business could ever need to achieve optimum results: accounting, purchasing, inventory, CRM and Crystal Reports software.
  • Ultimately with SAP Business One you can reduce work related stress and remove barriers to your continued success and expansion.


Cornerstone Consultants Grant Peace of Mind with SAP B1

For three solid decades our highly talented team of thought leaders including IT technicians, programmers, analysts, marketers and administrators at Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. have helped thousands of small and midsize business leaders implement cutting-edge ERP software. We have helped companies in many different industries increase efficiency, profitability and much-needed rest and relaxation time for hard working executives. We are the ultimate IT dream team for growing small and midsize business (SMB/SME) enterprises and our record of excellence and success is our testimony for you.


cornerstone-officeWhether you realize it or not, one of the most important assets to a healthy business is a healthy and well-functioning staff. Fortunately for business leaders, SAP Business One‘s amazing performance and Cornerstone‘s skilled software consultants can grant you and your staff more time to unwind. With peace of mind, your organization can operate in the most organized, efficient and sustainable fashion possible. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your company is on the right track and your professional goals (i.e. expansion, etc.) are within short reach. So don’t wait to get on track and reach out to a Cornerstone consultant, today.



  • SAP Business One allows your organization to operate in the most organized, efficient and sustainable fashion possible.
  • Cornerstone Consulting is the ultimate pit crew for businesses of every variety and our record of excellence and success is our testimony for you.


SAP: Software Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Management

If you’re business leader interested in long-term success then you need to contact the team at Cornerstone Consulting for our SAP Business One ERP system, today. You can connect with our team’s certified SAP Business One consultants at 813-321-1300.


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