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The Big Five and SAP Business One

Every successful enterprise began because a brave entrepreneur had the ambition and passion to share a great idea with the world. On a daily basis these driven individuals face challenges and manage risks involved in starting up and sustaining a successful business. In order to maintain a firm foundation in any industry, leaders of growing small and medium sized businesses must consistently seek out opportunities for greater efficiency and expansion. Often business leaders look for better workplace technology so that they can easily: find new customers in untapped markets; improve time management; enhance business teams, products and services. However, there are five areas of great significance that you may not yet have considered, which could help you in your stride towards loftier goals of business expansion and increased efficiency.


N0. One: Mobility

bi-appsAlthough restricting work to a specific location has had its advantages in the past and will continue to serve its purpose well into the future, there is no denying the impact of technology on our ability to take a business beyond its headquarters. You and your staff likely spend a decent amount of time traveling around and meeting with important clients, partners, vendors, donors, sponsors, industry experts and advisers, etc. Having access to snippets of old information about what’s going on in your company throughout this process does not compare to having the real-time business data. Fortunately with the SAP Business One mobile application, you can now access your integrated system of accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), purchasing, warehouse inventory and other critical operation details from anywhere in the world.


N0. Two: Data Analysis

Many companies are now able to collect and store vast quantities of data on everything from consumer purchase preferences to weekly employee performance but lack technology strong enough to quickly provide useful feedback in a format that’s digestible for the average executive or corporate team member. That’s why the SAP Business One software system provides business analytics and business intelligence features, offering executives the benefits of big data analysis. Essentially this single software system will collect, organize and create succinct reports with both key visual and traditional text insights. So you have the ability to quickly comprehend and make critical business decisions.


N0. Three: Traceability

bi-apps6We’ve all recently become very familiar with track-and-trace or traceability technology, as a result of the recent scandal involving major retailers Walmart, Walgreens, GNC and Target’s alleged fraudulent mislabeling of their store-brand dietary supplements. Nonetheless, with increasing awareness of the need for higher consumer standards and raised industry expectations, more and more businesses will need reliable tools to help conclusively confirm the exact origins, makeup and overall quality of products. With SAP Business One’s latest traceability tech, the ability to meet these standards has been made simpler and more effortless, than ever.


N0. Four: Warehouse Management

Wholesale distributors and business of all types that must manage inventory will begin to meet the requirements of today’s digital age in order to match global levels of productivity and competition. SAP Business One offers unparalleled automation and integration capabilities for every department within your company. With SAP software you can not only keep track of exactly what and how much of a given product is in a specific location on-site, you will also be notified well ahead of time when a critical production material is needed for your manufacturing, distribution and shipping processes. So you will never have to worry about a potential late delivery again.


N0. Five: e-Commerce

btn-ecommerce-softwareMore and more consumers are abandoning physical stores for the convenience of online and mobile shopping. Video stores are a great example of how many consumers are shopping online as opposed to going to brick and mortar stores. But that’s not because we’ve lost our love for the movies or sitcoms, rather we’ve realized and accepted the superior economic benefits of simply buying and then downloading videos from online stores. The same is true for an increasingly wider variety of other product types. From books, movies and games to meals, medicine, modern education, and more, people are progressively turning to e-commerce sites to purchase goods.

In addition to offering the fastest-selling enterprise resource planning (ERP) on the modern market, SAP Business One, the Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. team can install, configure and integrate an e-commerce store to work seamlessly with this business management software system. We can help you modernize your marketing and better connect with customers where they’re spending increasingly greater quantities of time, online.

Additionally, if you connect with Cornerstone for SAP software you can expect your overall enterprise performance to increase by as much as thirty percent or more. With this system you will outmatch your competitors, better serve your customers and get more out of your business.

Industry Research:

  • Warehouse management systems such as SAP Business One’s can increase efficiency by 10-15%, save 10-20% of transportation costs and decrease errors by as much as 70%.
  • 40% of internet users have bought products online via desktop, mobile, tablet or other devices amounting to more than 1 billion buyers. This is projected to continuously grow and with team Cornerstone, you can more effectively connect with this growing market.
  • 71% of enterprises consider mobility (i.e. SAP B1’s mobile app) a top priority and 63% believe it to be the biggest factor in gaining a competitive advantage.
    • SAP Business One integrates all of your systems, helps you meet modern demands and make better business decisions, faster.

Key Insights:

  • SAP Business One analyzes and organizes data for better business decision-making.
    • SME’s can use SAP Business One and get the most out of big data to improve accounting operations and save money.
  • SAP B1 offers users high quality business analytics and business intelligence.
    • Data analysis insights in real-time. Plus, mobile friendly applications.
  • Plus, SAP Business One powered by HANA can now help you manage massive data sets.
    • Big data integration, analysis and reporting at lightning speed.

SME Stats and Facts for SAP Business One:

  • Fastest selling Enterprise Resource Planning System on the Market
  • Software is provided by the largest business management software company and global ERP leader: SAP
  • Small business management software comes with Crystal Reports built-in for your convenience
  • Incomparable Business Analytics and Business Intelligence with high quality Data Analysis Insights are included
  • Simple to use and easy to customize (role-based, cockpits with dashboards, software development kit are built-in)
  • Personalized (You can set it up so that you use only the functionality that helps you complete tasks at peak performance)
  • Global Search (Search for any kind of data from anywhere in the SAP Business One system)
  • One-click Drill Down (Easily access the information you need with one click capability)
  • Access SAP Business One from your Mobile Device


One, User-Friendly System for a Modern Management Experience

All of your business data is in a single software package, unifying:

  • Customer Relationship Management (i.e. CRM)
  • Built-in Crystal Reports, Reporting Engine
  • Material Requirements Planning (i.e. MRP)
  • Return Materials Authorization (i.e. RMA)
  • Customer/Vendor Management
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Accounts Receivable (i.e. A/R)
  • Accounts Payable (i.e. A/P)
  • Order Entry/Sales Orders
  • Inventory Management
  • Service Management
  • Production Entry
  • HR Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Financials
  • Warranty
  • Banking


Network with SAP’s VAR Partner, Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. for SAP Business One

contact-page-b1Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. is a high quality SAP Business partner, top value added reseller (VAR) of the SAP Business One a.k.a. SAP B1 ERP (i.e. enterprise resource planning) software system and a superior provider of e-commerce add-on applications for the SAP Business One system. Beginning in 1983 as a privately owned information technology (IT) company, Cornerstone has successfully provided thousands of clients with a full suite of cutting-edge software and technology solutions throughout North America, South America, Canada and the Caribbean. Our primary, corporate office is located conveniently in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida.

If you’d like to work with an innovative team of technology consultants, web developers and programmers from a credible IT firm specializing in business automation and optimization, then we’re your business dream team. You can rely on Cornerstone to provide you with the absolute best business software products, services and technical support for all areas of your small or medium sized business. We’ll help you with accounting, overall financials, CRM (i.e. customer relationship management), sales, e-commerce, MRP (i.e. material requirements planning), inventory control, traceability, warehouse management, shipping, additional business operations and needs for your business’ sustainability and success. Our talented programmers, trainers and consultants specialize in providing clients with manufacturing, wholesale distribution, professional service and online retail business optimization needs through optimal configuration, integration and automation of state of the art software.


So if you’re business leader interested in connecting with the dream team at Cornerstone Consulting for the amazing SAP ERP system, act today. You can connect with our team’s certified SAP Business One consultants at 813-321-1300.


Review and Learn More About the Fastest Selling ERP System on the Market:

  • SAP Business One is provided by the largest business management software company and global ERP leaders: SAP.
  • Take a tour of the system now: SAP Business One iTour.
  • Contact a Cornerstone team member for a business consultation and a free 30-Day trial of our SAP Business One toolkit, now.
    • Call 813-321-1300 for your SAP B1 free 30 day trial and/or demo



SAP Small Business Enterprise Software and Services:

  • SAP Business One
  • Electronic and Mobile Commerce
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Bar codes and Scanning
  • Custom Programming
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Web Development
  • Business Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet


SAP Business One Tech Support

As award-winning value added resellers (VARs), our highly skilled, U.S. based programmers, consultants, implementation specialists, and trainers will not only ensure that you meet your efficiency goals but also help your business run better than ever previously imagined.



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