Stronger Enterprise Resource Planning in SAP Business One

Why America’s Leaders Choose SAP Software

SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an incredibly useful application for the management of growing small to midsize organizations involved in manufacturing, distribution, online retail shopping industries. The business management system offers an affordable way to manage your entire business  from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Designed specifically for small businesses, it helps you streamline processes, act on timely information, and drive profitable growth.Unlike accounting packages and spreadsheets, it delivers what you need to manage your key business areas, including:

  • AccountinCoreSuite Mobile App for SAP Business Oneg and finance
  • Sales and customer management
  • Purchasing and operations
  • Inventory and distribution
  • Reporting and administration

Whether you are an independent small business or a subsidiary of a larger company, you need a clear view of all aspects of your business to stay competitive. You must streamline processes and find better ways to access the information that will result in the best business decisions. SAP Business One can help your organization see all relevant data, in real-time, so that you can easily become a best-run business.

SAP Business One Software Discount

If you are considering purchasing SAP software for your growing small business or midsize company, Cornerstone is offering a 10% SAP Business One discount. Wee can be reached at 813-321-1300 for more information about this special SAP B1 offer.

Some of the business processes improved by a sound ERP software system include accounting, receiving orders, invoicing, shipping products, updating employee information, setting project budgets and all the operations that are visible as well as those that are invisible to customers. These activities occur at nearly every level of a small to midsize business, heavily affect your ability to operate efficiently and to achieve measurable business growth. SAP Business One ERP software is the leading available small to midsize business system on the market and the best place to start when you’re shopping for an ERP solution to implement for your business’ future.


SAP Software for Effective Enterprise Resource Planning

SAP Business One

ERP software helps the various departments within small to midsized businesses to keep up, share information and communicate with each about everything from daily activities to long-term needs and goals going forward by combining information into a single, integrated software program. But SAP Business One software for small to midsize businesses is especially beneficial for modern SME’s/SMB’s because of its compatibility with e-commerce or online shopping systems. Support for small businesses interested in the SAP software system is completely customizable for the business industry you work in and affordably offered by the reliable providers at Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. right now.

So, if you’re the leader of a small or midsize manufacturing, wholesale distribution or online retail enterprise and you’re ready to experience improved speed, precision and productivity, now is the time for you to connect with the IT and SAP software professionals at Cornerstone Consulting for Business One.



video-2SAP Business One Test Drive

You can check out the enterprise resource planning software system right now, take a SAP Business One Test Drive.


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SME/SMB ERP Research and Insights:

  • Midsized companies who implement modern ERP systems are able to support change and grow operating margins by 21%
  • SAP Software made the list of most valuable brands worldwide with an estimated worth of over 25 billion USD
  • As the best-selling ERP solution, SAP Business One helps businesses in well over 150 countries across the globe, today
    • SAP B1 also integrates all of your accounting, distribution, customer service, sales, and overall enterprise operations so that all of your data is in one simple business management system


Key SAP Business One Facts:

  • SAP Business One organizes information for better data analysis and informed business decision-making
    • SME’s can use SAP Business One and get the most out of big data to improve accounting operations and save money
  • SAP B1 offers users high quality business analytics and business intelligence
    • Data analysis insights in real-time. Plus, mobile friendly applications
  • Plus, SAP Business One powered by HANA can now help you manage massive data sets
    • Big data integration, analysis and reporting at lightning speed


SME Analytics, Stats and Facts for SAP Business One:

  • Fastest selling Enterprise Resource Planning System on the Market
  • Software is provided by the largest business management software company and global ERP leader: SAP
  • Small business management software comes with Crystal Reports built-in for your convenience
  • Incomparable Business Analytics and Business Intelligence with high quality Data Analysis Insights are included
  • Simple to use and easy to customize (role-based, cockpits with dashboards, software development kit are built-in)
  • Personalized (You can set it up so that you use only the functionality that helps you complete tasks at peak performance)
  • Global Search (Search for any kind of data from anywhere in the SAP Business One system)
  • One-click Drill Down (Easily access the information you need with one click capability)
  • Access SAP Business One from your Mobile Device


Simple ERP‚ System for Amasing Data Management Experience

All of your business data is in a single software package, unifying:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Built-in Crystal Reports, Reporting Engine
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Return Materials Authorization (RMA)
  • Customer/Vendor Management
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Accounts Receivable (A/R)
  • Accounts Payable (A/P)
  • Order Entry/Sales Orders
  • Inventory Management
  • Service Management
  • Production Entry
  • HR Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Financials
  • Warranty
  • Banking

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