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Consider Customers First with SAP Software

SAP Business OneToday’s small and midsize businesses across the nation must compete effectively within an extremely competitive environment. Many companies compete for things like: the most convenient office location, offering additional features to popular products in an effort to cater to valuable customer groups, and hiring the most persuasive sales representatives. Further, many business owners understand how important it is to pay close attention to the personal wants and needs of their customers. For those reasons, leaders of manufacturing, wholesale distribution, professional services, and online retail implement SAP’s software for small and midsize companies, SAP Business One. The business management software system provides users with the tools necessary to provide customers with exceptional service.

For those in the small to midsize business (SMB) community who appreciate having all of their data in one unified business management software system SAP Business One ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a great solution not only for streamlining the sales and customer service department, but also the entire operation. The software presents those within the online retail, professional services, distribution and manufacturing industries with a tremendous opportunity to better satisfy their customers. As the Roman philosopher and emperor’s adviser, Seneca once stated, “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” and SAP Business One creates an incredible opportunity. That’s because with SAP you get the benefit of having all of your departments connected within one unified software system as well as built-in sales and customer service tracking (which is accessible from anywhere in the system). That is, a feature which enables you to utilize a knowledge database that can quickly sort through and present you with the best solutions to any common or repeat consumer concerns. So teams can quickly and efficiently provide satisfactory solutions to each unique customer that calls, emails, visits a store, etc. This SAP CRM feature also allows you to assign specific technicians or representatives to individual customers, so that the you can eliminate the guess work related to “who is doing what” and truly begin to build stable relationships with regulars. Loyal customers will remember being treated exceptionally well and often return for future purchases. Essentially, SAP Business One ERP Software is a great solution for growing small and midsize businesses that aim to provide exceptional service to their customers.


Relevant Small Business Insights about SAP Business One ERP:

  • SAP ERP Software automates SMB operations to eliminate errors and unify data, connecting teams for lightning-speed big data analysis and better business intelligence
  • 73% of companies have no process for re-engaging and nurturing leads post sales, even though effective CRM gains a return of $5.60 for every $1 businesses spend
  • SAP Business One includes user-friendly modules and features that help you serve customers better and grow your business, effortlessly:
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Built-in Crystal Reports, Reporting Engine
      • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
      • Return Materials Authorization (RMA)
      • Customer/Vendor Management
      • Sales Opportunity Management
      • Accounts Receivable (A/R)
      • Accounts Payable (A/P)
      • Order Entry/Sales Orders
      • Inventory Management
      • Service Management
      • Production Entry
      • HR Management
      • Fixed Assets
      • Financials
      • Warranty
      • Banking


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SAP Systems from Certified Software Consultants

SAP Business OneWe’re happy to help our local small to midsize retail, manufacturing and wholesale distribution businesses to grow here in the heart of the Tampa Bay, Florida community and across the globe. We know that using business software that presents leaders with a clear and honest view of what’s really happening in real-time on a complete and unified SAP platform is the most solidly reliable and most affordable solution for our fellow small to midsize businesses. We’ve proven that integrated and simplified business ERP Software can and does create environments of super-efficiency by automating work, cutting out redundancy, dramatically decreasing errors, simplifying numerous business tasks and so much more within highly successful companies around the world. The thousands of happy clients we’ve served and 30+ years of success speaks for itself. So allow our software consulting team to help you get your business up to speed, so that you can achieve the enterprise expansion you need.

If you’re the leader of a small or midsize manufacturing, wholesale distribution or online retail enterprise and are ready to experience improved speed, precision and productivity, take a moment to officially eliminate inefficiency with the help of our IT and SAP software consultants at Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. and the SAP Business One ERP software system today.


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