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SAP Business One’s Customer Relationship Management Module

SAP Business OneThe SAP Business One ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform is one of the world’s most sought after small to midsize business management software system’s. Leaders from manufacturing, wholesale distribution, online shopping (e-retail), etc. industries turn to SAP solutions for everything from automated inventory control to future oriented financial accounting features. In addition to all of this, it’s really SAP Business One’s innovative customer intelligence features which has recently drawn the attention of many business teams and leaders.

According to the findings of a global survey report released yesterday by SAP, “personalized direct engagement is still the preferred method of contact among business buyers; 80 percent of buyers say vendors approach them with canned sales pitches and 75 percent feel they are way ahead of a salesperson who is supposed to be helping them”. The report concluded that, “Engaging buyers today requires a new kind of thinking, a new approach and new tools. Vendors need a combination of contextualized marketing and service, fully integrated processes across all sales and commerce channels and a platform built on customer intelligence“.
Companies that implement the SAP Business One ERP System for better customer relationship management (CRM) can increase the speed with which they assist clients, by more than thirty percent. Organizations running Business One dramatically improve performance because this software system provides the tools for users to easily manage and automate the entire sales cycle from start to finish. In addition, it provides users with a complete view of relevant lead and customer data. Everything is covered including initial contact, proposal, closing of sales, after-sales service and support. Tightly integrated features across marketing, sales and service provides teams with a 360 degree view of their prospects and customers, so they can better understand and meet their customers needs from start to finish.
The SAP Business One ERP Software System is by far the most comprehensive business software solution available on the market today because it offers users the benefit of a central, integrated system of accounting, CRM inventory management, and more, at an affordable price. This presents small business leaders and their teams with a tremendous opportunity to not only operate more efficiently but also enables them to quickly and easily achieve enterprise expansion. So if measurable business growth and success are your aim, then now is the time to get on track with SAP ERP for small or midsize businesses.

Relevant Small Business Insights about Customer Relationship Management and SAP Business One:

  • Overall, CRM usage has been on the rise in recent years, from 56% in 2012 to 74% in 2013
  • 30% of marketers say having disparate (non-integrated) data sources is a leading reason why they can’t glean useful lead and customer insights
  • SAP Business One includes user-friendly features that addresses all of this, helps serve customers and grow business better and faster than ever:
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Built-in Crystal Reports, Reporting Engine
      • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
      • Return Materials Authorization (RMA)
      • Customer/Vendor Management
      • Sales Opportunity Management
      • Accounts Receivable (A/R)
      • Accounts Payable (A/P)
      • Order Entry/Sales Orders
      • Inventory Management
      • Service Management
      • Big Data Analysis
      • Production Entry
      • HR Management
      • Fixed Assets
      • Financials
      • Warranty
      • Banking


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Quick, Powerful, Simple: SAP Software Systems

SAP Business OneWe help small to mid-sized business (SMB) retail, manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies to succeed and grow around the world. We understand that to do so, SMB leaders need business software that empowers them with clear and accurate views of what’s going on in real-time on a complete and unified platform, that’s both reliable and affordable. Finally, we have shown that integrated and simplified business SAP ERP Software can and does create environments of super-efficiency by automating work, reducing redundancy, eliminating errors, simplifying basic business processes and so much more. Our many happy clients and 30+ years of solid success speaks for itself. Now we’re simply paying it forward and helping others to achieve the same. So consider our Tampa based software consulting team to help get your business up to speed and earn the enterprise expansion you need, today.

If you’re the leader of a small or midsize manufacturing, wholesale distribution or online retail enterprise and are ready to experience improved speed, precision and productivity, take a moment to officially implement efficiency with the help of our IT and SAP software consultants at Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. and the SAP Business One ERP software system today.


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