Insights & Technology Tips for Small & Midsize Business Enterprises (SMB & SME)


1. Wal-Mart Syncs Up with SAP Software

Wal-Mart CIO Rollin Ford recently stated, “We believe SAP’s experience in helping global companies with their financial systems will bring more flexibility and scalability to our growing business.” The $349 billion retailer will use SAP Software to regain its IT dominance and fend off competition. Analysts are calling the SAP solution a “good move”.



2. SAP Runs Simple

What is the biggest trend in business this year? It’s simplifying processes. Now is the time to learn about the future of technology. Conquering complex technological challenges will help you reduce costs and save your employees a lot of time. Enabling more businesses to benefit from software and technological innovation is the reason SAP is pushing enterprises to Run Simple.



3. SAP Rolls Out Applications for Companies Invested in IoT  (the Internet of Things)

SAP is now offering the evolving business world three new solutions to work with the Internet of Things (e.g. IoT), including the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution, SAP Connected Logistics software and the SAP Manufacturing Execution application. Examples of the convergence of our digital and physical worlds for integrated and accelerated business operations can be found in many areas. The Hamburg Port Authority, in Germany, is a great example.



4. Continuous Manufacturing to Revolutionize Pharmaceutical Industry

A technique called continuous manufacturing is being developed at Rutgers University. This is expected to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry in the coming years and enable companies to deliver the latest medications to patients more quickly. It will also allow them to provide higher quality goods at (potentially) much lower costs.



5. Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry Particle by Particle

Open Manufacturing is investigating technologies that could be applied not just to additive manufacturing (e.g. laser printing, 3D printing, etc.) but also to a range of potentially new manufacturing methodologies. The focus is on metal additive processes and on bonded composite structures.



6. Embedded Sensors to Re-Shape Retail

More objects are becoming embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate. The resulting information networks promise to create new business models, improve enterprise processes, and reduce costs and risks.



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