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Growing Businesses Choose SAP Business One ERP Software for Integrated Accounting, Inventory, CRM, and More

Why do countless small and mid-sized business enterprises (SMBs/SMEs) select SAP Business One software as their main enterprise management solution? SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the top-selling digital business management system in more than 150 countries around the world, providing a full suite of powerful tools for accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, materials requirement planning (MRP), and more. Business owners are constantly wowed by the capabilities SAP B1, and the ease with which the software’s integrated ERP applications enable them to quickly and easily improve operational efficiency across their entire organization.

For many business owners, one of the SAP B1 software’s most valuable features is the integrated accounting software. In order to track spending, share reports with partners and investors, calculate budgets and taxes, and regulate cash flow throughout the company, an SME’s accountants must have access to accurate financial data, and they greatly benefit from strong accounting software that automates many of the key processes related to those aforementioned tasks. With SAP Business One ERP, business owners can not only easily complete financial tasks, they can manage each area (sales, services, manufacturing, material requirements planning, customer relationship management, inventory tracking and control, warehouse management, and more) of their enterprise. SAP’s ERP and real-time data analytics provides tremendous visibility into finding additional ways to streamline operations for incredible growth.

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Data Accuracy with Automated Processes | SAP B1 ERP and Accounting Software

Financial accounting management processes are frequently time-consuming and error prone, especially when they require extensive (and expensive) manual data entry, calculations and analysis. SAP Business One removes these issues from the picture with key process automation, immediately taking care of everyday tasks like journal entries and budget calculations, and generating the most accurate financial reports based on the most up-to-date, correct information available. When this work is done quickly and efficiently by SAP financial accounting software, managers and employees are afforded more time to focus on more important projects for the greater benefit of the company. Accountants also no longer have to worry about small mistakes that could cost the company big money, knowing that the real-time data analytics of SAP B1 software guarantee accurate financial information and reporting every time. With SAP Business One reducing stress and costs, your business can run smoother than ever before, increasing productivity by astounding percentages and redirecting expenses in the smartest way possible.

The accounting, CRM, inventory management, and MRP software modules within SAP Business One all work together cohesively on one centralized database. The unified business software facilitates communications and simplifies how tasks are completed within each department of an enterprise. Business owners can even utilize Business One ERP and accounting software on their smart phones and mobile devices with SAP mobility solutions, so they can stay on top of business operations from anywhere in the world. The cutting-edge, real-time data management and analytics tools built into SAP Business One are available on mobile, too, providing the clearest visibility and business data accurate up to the minute. With these amazing benefits of SAP Business One data management and accounting software, your company will be able to run smoothly and simply, growing in ways you never thought possible.

Research Accounting Capabilities of SAP Business One

  • Automated and accurate accounting processes allow all other business operations to flow smoothly and efficiently
  • Use the quick and easy real-time data analysis functionality in SAP Business One to spot new business opportunities, bring unique new products to market and provide world class customer service

Insights About SAP’s System for Growing Small and Midsize Business | Completely Integrated Business Management Software 

SAP is an all-in-one system of integrated core business modules:

  • Financials
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Order Entry
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Warranty
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Partner (Customer/Vendor) Management
  • Banking
  • Inventory
  • RMA
  • Production Entry
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Service Management
  • HR Management
  • Crystal Reports Reporting Engine
  • Dashboard and Analytics Displays

Please note: SAP Business One does not have a Payroll module.


  • Professional user (super user) is approximately $3,000.00
  • CRM, Logistics, Financial user is $ 1,500.00
  • SAP Software Annual Maintenance is 18% of full MSRP

Simple to use

  • Role-based Cockpits with Dashboards
  • Global search
  • Drill-down to data
  • CRM is within each module


  • Platform built upon .Net and SQL
  • Software provided by SAP — the world leaders in business management software systems

Integrated framework

  • MS Studio
  • Simple to create and deploy workflows


  • Application Programming Interface (APIs)
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) built in

Easy to extend

  • Seamless add-on apps available
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Multiple companies


  • Mobility for iPhones and iPads
  • Real-time data
  • Crystal Reports built-in
  • Business Objects built-in
  • Option to have high performance analytical appliance (HANA) in-memory database for data analysis in lightning speed

Lifecycle Management

  • Remote Support Platform built-in

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