One Integrated Inventory Management Program is Vital for Wearable Distribution

inventory management program for wearable distribution

With the right software, SAP Business One, wholesale distributors can easily hop on the fast-rising wearable technology trend. If you want to offer these hot new products, having the right software will make all the difference. There are so many different kinds of wearables on the market right now, from smart watches and jewelry to high-tech glasses and clothing. You’ve probably heard about the Apple Watch, Google Glass, and wristband fitness trackers like FitBit. These are some of the most popular wearable technologies available today, but tech experts believe that the markets will soon be flooded with all kinds of hyper-connected wearable products, from smart watches and jewelry to high-tech clothing and accessories. If you want to offer your customers a wide variety of wearables, you have to make sure you can easily manage an extended inventory of fast-moving items.

Inventory is one of the core components of a wholesale distribution company. No matter what kinds of products you sell, you must practice efficient inventory management and control at all times. It is critical to maintain accurate inventory data so you can easily check product availability and stock quantity. It is crucial to have a powerful inventory tracking system in place so you always know exactly where a product can be found at any given moment, even as it’s moving from facility to facility. Ideally, you would even have an automated inventory management program that can instantly record and track an order from placement to delivery, greatly streamlining the order fulfillment process and saving your company time and money.

SAP Business One easily fulfills all of these requirements, and more. It is one of the most popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions available today, with thousands of international small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) running efficiently on the powerful integrated business management system. SAP Business One features an incredibly effective inventory management program, as well as applications for accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) that all work seamlessly with one another for optimal business efficiency. SAP B1 also boasts impressive real-time data analytics and business intelligence capabilities for superior enterprise information management (EIM). These amazing Big Data analytics tools also provide crystal clear insights that can empower decision making, boost sales and profits, and improve business planning across the board.

If you want to start selling wearable technology products as soon as possible, now is the time to square away your ERP and inventory management systems. As an ERP solution designed specifically to streamline the processes and operation of wholesale distribution, manufacturing, professional services and online retail companies, SAP Business One is a fabulous solution to consider.

Wondering if SAP Business One ERP is a Good fit for Your Wearable Distribution and/or Manufacturing Company?
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Insights and Research on SAP Business One Inventory Management Software Program

  • Streamline warehouse operations–manage inventory and production in real-time with one integrated ERP application
  • Obtain ultimate inventory visibility–streamlined business management software tracks your stock as it moves between warehouses, ensuring you always know exactly where your products are at any given moment
  • Eliminate excess inventory–know when to reorder a product and how many units to purchase at once with SAP B1’s advanced inventory tracking system

Source: Warehouse and Production Management with SAP Business One (Inventory Management PDF)

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