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Are you running your wholesale distribution business without using an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system, like SAP Business One? If so, that is similar to trying to operate a machine with many moving parts, without the parts being connected. Between customer service and inventory management, there are countless everyday tasks that require efficient collaboration. When you run separate, non-integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory tracking and control software systems, you can actually slow down your entire organization. With the right wholesale distribution ERP software , you can have an integrated system of CRM and inventory management, as well as business accounting tools which can simplify operations between departments.

Like SAP Business One, your distribution ERP software solution should consolidate enterprise-wide data on to a single system so you and your team can access critical information quickly and easily. This capability empowers your customer service representatives to provide the highest quality customer support with real-time inventory information. It also allows the inventory and warehouse team to quickly fulfill purchase orders and make faster deliveries, further contributing to increased customer satisfaction. If your main business management software system can accomplish this level of integration, imagine all the other ways it could streamline operations and boost enterprise efficiency.

Wondering which wholesale distribution ERP software can integrate CRM and inventory for better customer service and satisfaction? That’s SAP Business One, the leading enterprise information management system for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) all over the world. SAP B1 boasts powerful applications for CRM, inventory management, financial accounting, material requirements planning (MRP), and more, all on the same unified software system. The Business One wholesale solution also offers real-time data analytics and business intelligence apps that can significantly boost efficiency through enterprise visibility and crystal clear insights. You can even take your well-oiled wholesale distribution machine on the road with SAP Business One mobility solutions for smart phones and tablets, allowing comprehensive enterprise management no matter where you go. If you’re ready to drive business growth through optimization and integration, then SAP Business One is your perfect ERP software solution.

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SAP Business One ERP Accelerates Sales and Order Fulfillment

When your sales team pursues an opportunity, they must be ready to answer whatever question the prospective customer asks. They must be familiar with a large number of products and be able to describe the benefits and capabilities of each one in full detail. More importantly, they need to know whether or not a product is available in the inventory, and how soon that item will be restocked. Of course, it would be impossible for one sales person to memorize all of that information, especially since that information might change at a moment’s notice. Real-time inventory data has to be available to your customer service and sales team on an easily accessible computer database so they can rapidly pull up whatever information they need for a particular sale. You need a wholesale inventory management system that can organize unlimited product data on one digital platform, and you need customer relationship management software that can access and utilize that data as fast as possible.

SAP Business One CRM inventory management software puts your entire enterprise information system right at your fingertips. With sleek, user-friendly dashboard interfaces, your wholesale distribution team can easily navigate a comprehensive business database to find real-time information the minute they need it. With instant access to inventory information, your customer service representatives can provide clients with accurate answers to virtually any question. And when your sales team is confident and informed, they will be able to close sales faster than ever before. For even faster operations, SAP Business One automatically records transactions so you don’t have to waste time manually entering the data. Then, because of the software’s real-time speed, inventory can receive and fulfill sales orders quickly and efficiently. Your customers will be impressed by how fast and pleasant their shopping experience was, and will surely do business with you again and again. Your organization will also feel empowered by SAP B1’s amazing ERP tools, boosting productivity and driving quick growth. For the ultimate enterprise information management and wholesale distribution ERP solution, SAP Business One can’t be beat.

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  • Track sales opportunities through the sales cycle, perform inventory availability checks, and automatically record transactions into the SAP B1 system.
  • Maintain a master database of customer and inventory information for real-time accessibility and analytical insights.
  • Integrate accounting, purchasing, sales, and marketing processes with CRM and inventory for ultimate efficiency.

Source: Managing Customer Relationships with SAP Business One (SAP Business One PDF)

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