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sap hana logoAs consumers and markets now generate significantly more usable data than ever before, business leaders today desperately need an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that offers above average business intelligence software. Far too many so-called “advanced” data analytics applications struggle to handle the tremendous amount of data available to an enterprise at any given moment. All too often, it requires numerous hours just to generate a day’s worth of analysis. When an enterprise takes in heaps of information and from sales teams, suppliers, retailers, and more, every moment wasted on slow data analysis can result in major losses in revenue and opportunities for growth. The SAP HANA platform is one outstanding solution designed to process substantial amounts of business data so enterprise leaders can make better decisions faster, saving invaluable time and boosting operational performance across every area of an organization.

When powered by SAP HANA, the wholesale distribution industry’s preferred ERP software SAP Business One (also known as SAP B1, SAP Business 1, and Business One) can unify your entire enterprise on the same software system and have it operating more efficiently than ever before. You get the same high-performance accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory tracking and control, and material requirements planning (MRP) applications that SAP B1 is known for all over the world, on one real-time analytics and business intelligence platform designed for increased efficiency and transparency. You will be astounded at just how fast you and your staff can perform accurate data analysis while running your SAP Business One on the SAP HANA platform.

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Cornerstone Consulting is an information technology (IT) company specializing in business optimization, automation, and SAP Business One ERP implementation. Cornerstone is:

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Because we offer demos, free trials, and special discounts on SAP Business One ERP software, we make process of purchasing SAP Business One and related add-on software simple and easy for owners of small and midsize companies. Although Cornerstone provides SAP Business One software, related services, and tech support to companies through out the United States, many professional services, manufacturing, and/or wholesale distribution clients are based in Florida. Cornerstone is Florida’s leading provider of SAP Business One and SAP HANA software, support, and related services.

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What is SAP HANA? | Amazing Analytic Capabilities of SAP Business One for HANA

The SAP HANA platform is an in-memory relational database management system (RDBMS) that helps enterprise leaders attain powerful business insights through real-time data analytics and business intelligence. These incredible technologies are becoming indispensable tools for small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners who want to increase enterprise visibility and performance. But what exactly is an in-memory RDBMS, and how does it utilize business data to create such invaluable transparency?

As a business owner, you are probably already familiar with spreadsheets and the headaches they can cause for every member of your organization. Spreadsheets are one way to organize and manage critical enterprise data, but they are not flexible or particularly easy to navigate. Beyond that, spreadsheets can become painfully inefficient when your business must work with a massive amount of data, as is becoming the norm in this increasingly digital economy. Spreadsheets cannot communicate with one another, nor can they consolidate redundant data and identify and correct data entry errors. Additionally, spreadsheet programs often require heavy reliance on information technology (IT) support staff, which can quickly wrack up significant financial costs and downtime.

A relational database management system like the SAP HANA platform eliminates all of these problems, and more. To put it simply, a RDBMS is a series of connected databases that integrates virtually limitless amounts of information on one digital system for immediate access and ideal accuracy (source: Wikipedia). A wholesale distribution enterprise must maintain data on each product they sell, as well as every single customer that has made a purchase from the company. Though these pieces of information can be categorized into specific groups, they are also closely related to each other and must be recorded in way that can clearly show those connections.

Once business data has been entered into a relational database management system, the software can automatically consolidate information into series of easily navigable tables and lists based on how each bit of data relates to one another. No more shuffling between spreadsheets manually comparing data! But perhaps one of the greatest advantages of running the SAP Business One system on the SAP HANA platform is that you don’t even have to spend time re-entering enterprise information into the system–it already exists within Business One. And because HANA is an in-memory application, it requires absolutely no disk storage and can run at optimal speeds. That means business owners can have easy access to beautifully organized company data and real-time analytical insights and make smarter business decisions at the “speed of thought.”

With the powerful SAP HANA platform you’ll be able to access and analyze all of your SAP B1 data faster than ever before, utilizing the real-time software’s high-performance dashboards, reporting, inventory, order and cash-flow management capabilities to streamline and simplify business operations, maximize enterprise efficiency, and empower your decision-making abilities for your company’s ultimate benefit.

Research and Insights On SAP Business One Version for HANA

  • Generate reports on real-time data in SAP Business One in seconds, without any reliance on IT support
  • Gain access to a variety of pre-defined reports based on your most used business processes
  • Enjoy empowered, more productive employees and a high return on investment (ROI) by easily leveraging SAP Business One data

Source: Real Time Analytics and Reporting for Small Businesses (SAP HANA PDF)

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