Business Integration Software Maximizes Distributor Efficiency

Distributors Improve Enterprise Operations with Business Integration Software

business integration software improves operationsOne of the biggest goals shared by small and mid-sized wholesale distributors is to grow their enterprises as quickly as possible. When a business expands to fresh new markets, it benefits from increased sales opportunities and profit potential. However, fast business growth can be a double-edged sword. The bigger an enterprise becomes, the harder it can be to efficiently manage on a day to day basis. More customers and products means more data, which can be a struggle to maintain without a good enterprise resource planning (ERP) and analytics solutions. The need for effective business integration software increases exponentially the further your company reaches.

What Are the Challenges of Fast Business Growth?

Rapid business expansion unearths a number of challenges for distributors. Boosted sales, extended inventories, and a wider range of customer profiles all amount to volumes of invaluable data. If you rely on different ERP modules for different areas of business, that data will be scattered across countless disconnected systems. When information is not easily accessible on one simple system, it can be impossible to find the right data at the right time. Operations lag as employees struggle to collect information and complete daily tasks. Customers are consistently disappointed by slow service. IT costs skyrocket as each individual ERP database needs extensive regular maintenance. Worst of all, you can’t get a clear picture of your enterprise without integrated data. You don’t know how to streamline and speed up processes or where the business stands financially.

What Are the Benefits of Integrated Business Software?

Business integration software addresses all of these problems, and more. Distributors implement top-rated ERP solutions like SAP Business One to effectively combine all of their business operations and data on the same digital platform. They ensure that information is easily accessible on one integrated database, helping employees get work done faster and provide better customer service. Keeping enterprise-wide information on one integrated system also significantly reduces costs across the board, as your IT department will no longer split its focus across numerous applications. Plus, it’s a lot easier to train employees to use a single ERP software solution than to use three or more different programs every day.

A company will run much smoother when all of its data is stored in one place. This efficiency is further improved by real-time business data analytics, which scour enterprise databases to provide immeasurably beneficial insights into the organization. When an analytics program only has to process a single integrated system, it can deliver those insights much, much faster. In turn, business owners can rapidly improve decision making and planning. They obtain tremendous visibility into their whole organization and can easily enhance performance across the board. The right business integration software solution will provide a comprehensive picture of the enterprise no matter how much it grows over time.

A dynamic integrated ERP system empowers distributors with a number of essential business management applications, from accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) to inventory control and even real-time business analytics. It ensures that all of these critical enterprise functions, as well as all the data needed to complete them, is easily accessible on one powerful software platform. The best business integration software even offers flexible mobility solutions, so distribution leaders can manage the company via their smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. When you combine cutting-edge ERP modules and business intelligence apps on the same simple system, your business can quickly overcome the challenges of rapid growth and enjoy all the benefits of streamlined operations.

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