SAP Business One Provides Full Benefits of Inventory Control Software

SAP Business One is one of the most popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions for small and mid-sized wholesale distributors worldwide. This amazing ERP system features integrated applications for accounting, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM) and more, creating one powerful system for comprehensive business management. Of course, distributors love SAP Business One (also known as Business One and SAP B1) because it provides the full benefits of inventory control software alongside its top-rated accounting and CRM applications. No more struggling with slow and inaccurate disconnected ERP programs–SAP Business One is one incredible ERP solution on one super fast and simple system!

Cornerstone Consulting Provides SAP Business One Solutions to Wholesale Leaders in Florida

If you want to grow your small and midsize business regionally, nationally, or internationally, Cornerstone Consulting just might be your dream team. Cornerstone is an information technology (IT) company that provides award-winning business optimization and automation services, as well as customized implementation of the world’s fastest selling enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, SAP Business One. Cornerstone is:

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We provide SAP Business One software (check out our special discount offer!), related services, and tech support to companies throughout the United States. Many of our professional services, manufacturing, and/or wholesale distribution clients are based in Florida, where we have been headquartered for more than thirty years. Cornerstone is a top-rated provider of SAP Business One software and support services in Florida, including implementation, configuration, and automation.

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What Are the Benefits of Inventory Control Software?

You probably already know that a computerized inventory management solution is much more efficient and accurate than the traditional pen and paper method of tracking inventory. However, most inventory management systems operate as standalone programs. These disconnected inventory and warehouse systems can’t effectively communicate with the rest of the enterprise, and they require extensive manual labor to effectively maintain. Isn’t that only marginally better than tracking inventory by hand?

Inventory management software is a big help to wholesale distributors, but you’ll want an integrated inventory solution like SAP Business One to get the most out of your digital warehouse and inventory management system. Here are some of the benefits of inventory tracking software unique to the SAP Business One ERP solution.

1. SAP Business One enables complete enterprise integration. SAP Business One’s accurate inventory management system can easily share data with its accounting and CRM software programs, allowing each department to work effectively together without wasting any time. With precise inventory and warehouse reports created within SAP B1, your accountants can easily access the information they need to make important calculations, create purchasing budgets, and value stock in the warehouse. Those same reports can help your sales representatives understand products and confirm availability in order to better assist customers. Ultimately, an integrated inventory management system benefits the entire enterprise.

2. SAP Business One helps distributors optimize their inventory and warehouse operations. One of the common benefits of inventory control software is the ability to boost warehouse operational efficiency. SAP Business One excels in this area thanks to its real-time data analytics capabilities. The SAP B1 inventory system accurately tracks stock as it moves across the warehouse. This functionality helps distributors to always know exactly where their products are, as well as adjust schedules and destinations at the speed of thought. You can also keep the SAP B1 inventory system with you on the warehouse floor through the mobile ERP app, so you can take a hands-on approach to inventory management without losing access to your data.

To further aid in warehouse optimize process, SAP Business One helps you understand which products are fast sellers and will move out of the warehouse rapidly. You will always know which products should be kept closest to the fulfillment and delivery staging area, which can help your warehouse team finish orders quickly and replenish stock just as fast as it’s depleted.

3. SAP Business One inventory control software is not just good for the business–it’s good for customers, too! Because the SAP Business One inventory management system allows for incredible warehouse optimization and fast order fulfillment and delivery, your distribution company can impress customers by getting them the products they want faster than they ever expected. SAP Business One already features great CRM software, but it also supports third-party add-ons that allow you to maximize your customer service and inventory management capabilities. Cornerstone offers a powerful e-commerce application that integrates with your inventory software so you can provide customers with an even better shopping experience. Happier customers will return to your business again and again, and might even become brand ambassadors over time. You probably didn’t expect customer satisfaction to be one of the benefits of inventory control software, but SAP Business One can help your business in many surprising ways.

4. SAP Business One inventory software provides incredible supply chain visibility. Distributors must be able to trace products as they move across the chain on their way to the warehouse. They also have to maintain accurate inventory databases for the members of your supply chain that receive products from you, such as retailers and other distributors. SAP Business One’s real-time inventory database management capabilities helps facilitate the supply chain management process. With this lightning fast software, you can easily keep track of where your products and materials originated, as well as where they are going. You can also identify the causes of delays and disruptions and take the steps to prevent them in the future. Inventory problems often originate somewhere in the supply chain, so it’s important that you are able to trace any issue back to the source. SAP Business One promotes supply chain accountability and helps reduce damages and loss, which is beneficial to every link in the chain.

5. SAP Business One is the ultimate time and money saving ERP system. While researching the benefits of inventory control software, you have to take into account each software’s ability to save time and money. If an inventory management system cannot integrate with your other major ERP software programs, you can safely bet that it is not the most efficient solution available to you. Countless wholesale distributors have found that SAP Business One can significantly reduce inventory costs through inventory optimization. The Business One inventory software helps you keep the perfect amount of stock at all times, so you never waste money on excess inventory. SAP B1 also boasts amazing business automation capabilities, eliminating manual processes from your daily schedule and freeing up time to focus on more important work. That way, you can maximize profits and foster fast growth through best management practices.

Research and Insights on More Benefits of Inventory Control Software

  • SAP Business One helps you identify and easily reach your inventory goals through warehouse optimization and efficient inventory data management applications.
  • SAP Business One’s inventory and warehouse insights help you keep the right amount of items in stock at all times, as well as effectively track products as they move across the warehouse.
  • With SAP Business One, your warehouse team can quickly and accurately fulfill orders for faster delivery and happier customers.

Source: SAP Small Business Inventory and Production Management

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