Integrated ERP Solutions are Vital for International Business Growth

expand business internationally with integrated erp solutionsFor integrated ERP solutions, leaders of distribution companies are implementing SAP Business One (also known as SAP B1, Business One, SAP One, SAP Business 1) for rapid and successful international expansion. When you first started your wholesale distribution enterprise, you probably had big dreams of expanding the company across the globe. There are many proven benefits of international business expansion, including access to stronger markets and accelerated growth. However, global expansion can also pose a number of huge challenges to small and midsize enterprises (SMEs). One of the biggest obstacles of international expansion the significant increase in enterprise-wide data generation. Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems may not be fast or powerful enough to manage all of that data, resulting in disconnected operations, inaccurate information, and even a loss of revenue. Distributors must adopt fully integrated ERP solutions to ensure that their subsidiaries can communicate and collaborate across time zones and international borders.

To maximize their business’s overseas growth potential, countless SME owners implement the SAP Business One ERP solution. This fast-selling software is an outstanding business management system designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) who want to streamline and simplify enterprise operations with one simple digital solution. SAP B1 provides cutting-edge applications for accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory tracking and control, material requirements planning (MRP), and just about every other essential area of business. It is an unparalleled platform for ultra-efficient data management and analytics. With these fantastic integrated ERP solutions, business owners like you can easily overcome the challenges of international expansion and enjoy the many incredible benefits of fast growth worldwide.

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Overcome the Challenges of Global Expansion with SAP Business One

International expansion is a tantalizing goal for many small/midsize business owners. With access to bigger, stronger markets, your distribution enterprise could enjoy better sales and higher profits. Studies have shown that international businesses tend to grow faster overall (source: You would also be able to build relationships with business leaders in many different countries, strengthening your network and encouraging diversity within the company. If you establish a subsidiary in a country with a lower cost-of-living or advantageous financial regulations, you could even save money on employment costs while creating jobs in foreign markets. These are just a few of the benefits of international business expansion.

Unfortunately, growing your business around the world is not an easy task. When you have several subsidiaries generating their own data, it can be very difficult to ensure that every part of your business is operating on the same page. A lack of real-time connectivity between each subsidiary’s ERP system often leads to inaccurate information, poor communications, and lots of wasted time and money. You might even start to feel like you are running two different companies at the same time. That’s why integrated ERP solutions like SAP Business One are so vital to international business owners–they greatly simplify global operations through comprehensive unification of the company on the same powerful platform.

Insights and Research on SAP Business One Integration

  • Business One gives business owners total control over enterprise-wide operations through real-time data integration and analysis
  • SAP B1 keeps critical business data on one simple system for real-time access across every subsidiary
  • SAP Business 1 is a flexible ERP solution designed for SMEs and capable of integrating with countless add-on applications for increased functionality.

Source: Business Management Made Simpler

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SAP Business One is an Easy to Use Integrated ERP Business Management Software Solution for SMEs/SMBs

SAP Business One is an excellent choice for growing SMEs that want to thrive overseas. It guarantees consistent, easily-accessible data, and allows real-time visibility into operations across every branch of the enterprise. The software’s outstanding accounting, CRM, and inventory management modules seamlessly integrate with one another to maximize efficiency, productivity, and profitability. SAP B1 even supports various international currencies, units of measurement, and regulatory measures, so you can easily adhere to international business standards and boost potential for growth in foreign markets. SAP Business One saves you time and money with unparalleled, real-time enterprise information integration, no matter where in the world your business goes. You can easily enjoy the many benefits of international expansion with SAP Business One.