sap business one inventory management appsNeed Affordable Inventory Management Apps? SAP Business One Can’t Be Beat

Smart phone apps are pretty cheap. For less than a dollar a download, you can quickly fill up your mobile device with your favorite games and productivity tools. Most mobile app stores even offer a variety of  business management apps for wholesale distributors and manufacturers. As the owner of a small or midsize enterprise (SME), you’ve probably loaded your phone with whatever inexpensive accounting and inventory management apps you could find. They’re much more affordable than any big enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite, so there’s no harm in trying them out, right? Can you really count on these cheap mobile business tools to keep your company on the right track?

You may be willing to sacrifice quality to save cash on certain products, but your business software should not fall into that category. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to shell out big bucks for the right ERP solution. You can still save money on business management software that will fully optimize your enterprise from the bottom to the top. SAP Business One is the top choice of ERP software for countless SMEs all over the world, not only because it’s one powerful system for enterprise administration and information management, but because it’s priced specifically for small businesses with small budgets. It’s an affordable ERP system that provides every tool you need to drive your company towards excellence.

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SAP Business One Is Affordable, but the Benefits Are Priceless

When you own a distribution business, you must constantly think of cost-effective ways to keep the operation running smoothly. With a sizeable chunk of your funds flowing into the warehouse every day, you might consider cutting corners on inventory software just to save some cash. There are plenty of sources online that list “the best” super cheap inventory management apps for smart phones. Those apps may be great for start-ups or very small businesses with only one or two employees. You probably won’t want your company to stay that size forever, though. Since a 99 cent app can’t grow along with your enterprise, it might end up costing you so much more in the long run.

One big problem with cheap, standalone inventory management apps is that they can’t effectively share data with every part of the company. Data integration is especially vital for wholesale distributors, whose daily operations revolve around inventory management. Customer service and sales representatives must be able to access the inventory database to check product availability and provide high quality support to customers. Accountants must use accurate inventory data to calculate budgets and approve purchases. Warehouse workers need powerful software that can keep the facility well-organized and speed up order fulfillment. You won’t get these essential capabilities from any basic inventory app for smart phones.

SAP Business One, however, goes above and beyond meeting those needs. It’s a fully integrated, all-in-one business management system designed for small and mid-sized wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and retailers. That means it provides top-notch accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), material requirements planning (MRP), and inventory management apps on one powerful, easy-to-use software system. This integration gives every member of your organization immediate access to accurate enterprise data. SAP Business One significantly streamlines enterprise operations, boosts productivity, and provides amazing business insights for smarter decisions across the board.

With outstanding enterprise integration, business intelligence tools, and mobility solutions, SAP Business One ultimately fosters quick growth and higher profits over time. And because SAP B1 is a flexible, highly-supported ERP system, your business can never outgrow the software. It will continue to optimize, automate, and integrate your company no matter how successful it becomes. Countless wholesalers agree that those benefits are definitely worth a solid investment.

Research and Insights on SAP Business One Inventory Management Apps

  • The SAP Business One inventory module is an amazing solution for inventory tracking, warehouse management, and order fulfillment.
  • SAP Business One helps you perform availability checks in real-time and easily follow stock as it changes location, even if it transfers to another warehouse.
  • SAP Business One provides bar code scanning functionality to further simplify inventory tracking, and supports different methods such as serial and batch.

Source: Need a Better Way of Tracking Your Inventory?

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