How Can a Stock Control System Benefit Your Business?

Many growing business owners rely on a solid stock control system to help them face the daily challenges of warehouse management. There are numerous responsibilities a distributor must handle every single day, from purchasing goods and tracking inventory to fulfilling orders and delivering packages. Most distribution enterprises would struggle to complete these common tasks without the right inventory management software backing them up.

If you’re on the market for a new stock control system, there are a number of factors you must consider before settling on a software. Does the system provide comprehensive tools for inventory and warehouse management? Can the system share inventory data with other important ERP applications, such as accounting and customer relationship management (CRM)? Is the system fast and powerful enough to accelerate warehouse operations, optimize inventory quantities and locations, and process large amounts of inventory data?

Your business needs a warehouse and production management software system that can easily manage of all of that and more. SAP Business One is that system for countless small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) all over the world. The SAP B1 inventory software covers all the bases of warehouse management, including material requirements planning (MRP) and mobile inventory control apps. But SAP Business One also features accounting and CRM programs that can easily coordinate with the warehouse system for increased efficiency across the enterprise.  It is an all-in-one ERP solution designed for wholesale distribution, retail, and manufacturing. SAP Business One integrates your entire business on the same simple system, providing top-rated tools for outstanding enterprise management and business intelligence. That’s why so many distributors choose SAP Business One ERP–it’s not just an amazing stock control system, it’s a complete business management solution.

Where Can You Find Award-Winning SAP Business One Consulting in Florida?

For top-rated SAP Business One software services, including implementation, integration, configuration, and automation, Florida’s wholesale distribution leaders trust Cornerstone Consulting. We are an experienced information technology (IT) firm that has provided the highest quality SAP Business One products and support to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) throughout the state of Florida, as well as around the United States. Whether you specialize in manufacturing, retail, or distribution, Cornerstone can help you determine the perfect ERP software solution to suit all of your unique business needs.

Advantages of SAP Business One Stock Control System

In order to keep a warehouse operating efficiently and on schedule, you definitely need some kind of computerized stock control system to handle the bulk of the work. Although there are a lot of decent inventory management software programs out there, you definitely don’t want to settle on the first basic inventory system you find. For one thing, it’s not just the warehouse that needs a great inventory database–other departments, such as accounting, sales, and customer service, need immediate access to that information as well. Beyond that, most simple inventory control applications lack the processing power to accurately manage the amount of data your warehouse generates every day. You could end up losing thousands of dollars in missing items, damages, overtime hours worked, lost sales, etc., just because your stock control system couldn’t get the job done right.

The inventory management capabilities of the SAP Business One ERP solution significantly out-perform any single-purpose warehouse system on every level. The main reason why SAP B1 is a better choice for SMEs is that it succeeds in aligning every area of the enterprise on the same page through integrated data and software applications. Your warehouse is a giant source of critical information that can change at the drop of a hat. As products enter and exit the facility, move from one location to another, and shift in value, your stock control system must be able to process and record every new bit of data. It must also make that data easily accessible by every member of the organization. When the warehouse database is on the same system as your business’s accounting and CRM software, all of your employees can quickly utilize whatever information they need to complete tasks in their own department. This function boosts efficiency, reduces time spent on enterprise-wide processes, and ensures total accuracy of the data shared across the organization.

The SAP Business One stock control system excels as a simple inventory management solution, as well as an outstanding ERP system for wholesale distribution companies. Its powerful data integration and analytic capabilities provide business owners with keen insights into warehouse operations and lays a firm foundation for best inventory management practices. SAP Business One will help you keep track of every item in your warehouse, consistently maintain the ideal amount of stock to reduce excess and save money on purchasing, organize products according to how fast they sell, and even speed up order fulfillment and deliveries to impress customers. Those are just a few of the advantages provided by the SAP B1 warehouse and inventory management software. Just imagine all the other ways the SAP Business One ERP software suite could benefit your growing business!

Research and Insights on SAP Business One Stock Control System

  • SAP Business One provides real-time access to integrated inventory data no matter where you are via cloud and mobile ERP solutions.
  • With immediate access to inventory information, your sales and accounting teams can easily check product availability, product value, and purchasing orders within SAP Business One.
  • SAP Business One enables faster deliveries with a variety of stock control tools, including a pick-and-pack manager and warehouse process automation.

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