Advances in 3D Printing Tech Will Change Warehouse Inventory Software For Better

3d printing will change warehouse inventory softwareIt’s hard to believe that 3D printers have been around since the 1980’s. Of course, this additive manufacturing technology has come a long way since then. In the earliest days of development, 3D printers were sluggish and expensive. Hardly any manufacturers saw an advantage in using such a clunky technology. Today, however, 3D printing is on the fast track toward becoming a new standard in the manufacturing industry. Its seemingly unlimited applications have the potential to significantly streamline production and inventory management methods. That is, as long as the manufacturer implements warehouse inventory software that can cooperate with the 3D printer in the first place.

There is some amazing warehouse inventory software out there today. Manufacturing leaders currently rely on cutting edge integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and material requirements planning (MRP) solutions like SAP Business One to accelerate production and maximize inventory management efficiency. These warehouse and production management systems help manufacturers maintain the ideal amount of raw materials and reduce costs as much as possible across the enterprise. Add 3D printing to the mix, however, and manufacturers could push the benefits of their integrated inventory system even further. 3D printers have the capability to create raw materials and products on demand. Manufacturers would save time on purchasing and receiving shipments of materials, eliminate the risk of excess inventory, free up significant space in the warehouse, and even minimize production costs simply by printing materials the minute they are needed.

Distribution Inventory Applications for 3D Printing Tech

3D printing technology could potentially improve inventory management for non-manufacturers as well. Inventory is generally considered a wholesale distributor’s or retailer’s biggest asset. At the same time, inventory management can be one of the most challenge aspects of running businesses in these industries. Distributors and retailers rely on warehouse inventory software that seamlessly integrates with other essential ERP programs, like accounting and customer relationship management (CRM), to simplify stock tracking and improve enterprise-wide efficiency with comprehensive data integration. Successful distributors also utilize mobile inventory management apps or barcode scanning systems to easily follow products throughout the warehouse on their way to order fulfillment.

With 3D printing, however, distributors could possibly do away with the physical warehouse altogether. Leaders of manufacturing and logistics are developing a 3D printing manufacturing cloud that would allow long-distance on-demand 3D printing of materials. Business owners would not even have to purchase their own 3D printers to utilize the technology. Instead of maintaining an on-site warehouse full of products and materials, distributors could simply access the 3D printing cloud to order and create items from scratch. Warehouse inventory software would still be necessary for management of 3D printed products, but would allow for much greater efficiency and cost-effective stock management.

These awesome 3D printing applications are not yet available to distributors, unfortunately, but business owners can still benefit from powerful warehouse inventory software solutions. Until 3D printing is the standard in manufacturing and distribution, it’s a good idea to adopt inventory management software that fully integrates with accounting and CRM for ultimate enterprise efficiency.

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