You Don’t Need Star Wars Tech to Automate Business Processes

automate business processes with erp, not droidsThe Star Wars universe has so many amazing technological innovations, from light-speed space travel to super efficient helper robots. Imagine how easy it would be to grow a wholesale distribution enterprise if you had access to these futuristic techs. You could rapidly travel all over the planet to meet with customers and business partners. You’d easily expand your markets to brand new regions with absolutely no time wasted on the commute. You could automate business processes entirely with the assistance of intelligent droids like R2-D2. That would maximize enterprise efficiency and allow you and your employees much more time to focus on the most important tasks.

Sadly, earthlings are still a long way off from zooming across the galaxy in a high-speed rocket. You’ll just have to take your business trips on cars and planes for now. The good news is that the technology required for effective business automation actually exists right now, even without droids. Many companies automate business processes through integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that provides essential tools for management of every area of an organization. SAP Business One, one of the fastest selling ERP systems in the world today, boasts incredible automation capabilities for improved accounting and inventory management. It accurately handles various business chores in real-time, using fully integrated enterprise-wide data to guarantee seamless and successful automated operations.

Save Time and Eliminate Error with Automated ERP

Wholesale distributors, retailers, and manufacturers have incredibly busy schedules. They don’t need to spend any time on exhaustive business processes like manual data entry or daily accounting processes. But wasted time is not the only problem caused by manual operations. When humans work on mundane and repetitive tasks that require a lot of concentration, they’re liable to make a few errors here and there. Even if the mistakes are easy to fix, that’s more time wasted on a single job. Besides, you have to actually catch errors before you can correct them, and that’s much harder to do. Employees try their best to produce the highest quality work, but everyone makes mistakes.

When you automate business processes with integrated ERP software, you totally eliminate the risk of error and save a significant amount of time every day. Business automation ensures that operations are as fast and efficient as possible without extensive manual labor. It also allows you and your team to focus on more important tasks instead of squander your day typing data into a spreadsheet. Automation also improves employee job satisfaction and productivity, so the work they do themselves will be much more accurate and consistent as well. Better operations drives quick growth and boosted profits. All in all, business automation is one fantastic strategy for the small and mid-sized enterprise (SME) with big goals and plans for expansion.

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