Business Wearable Technology Improves Enterprise Performance

Better Enterprise Efficiency with Business Wearable Technology

Business wearable technology improves enterprise performance.Today’s technology is truly amazing. Ten years ago, would you have believed that someday in the near future you could wear a powerful miniature computer on your wrist like a watch? That technology only seemed possible within a sci-fi movie. Now, anyone can buy a high-tech smart watch and keep their favorite mobile device strapped to their arm at all times. As technology becomes more and more accessible, portable, and functional, it can be applied in virtually limitless ways. The smart watch is only one example of the booming wearable technology trend, and will eventually be matched in popularity by smart glasses, shoes, clothing, and jewelry.

Wearables offer brilliant everyday functionality to anybody who relies on technology on a daily basis–which might just be the majority of the world’s population right now. However, business owners should note that wearables could have extensive enterprise applications across every industry. Mobile and cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is already commonly used by wholesale distributors, retailers, and manufacturers, to simplify business processes and foster much greater movement and reach from location to location. Attaching high-performance mobile ERP to an employee’s wrist could extend those benefits even further, driving productivity and efficiency to an even higher level. Companies that utilize business wearable technology have also shown to significantly improve customer relations and even workplace safety. These factors are essential to quick, sustainable growth of an enterprise, and can easily be optimized to the fullest with the right combination of ERP software and wearable tech.

Integrated ERP is Critical for Efficient, Successful Business

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) already utilize high-tech ERP software that covers a variety of critical enterprise operations. Many SMBs depend on an integrated system of ERP modules, including software for financial accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and warehouse management. When all of these key business applications run on the same system, all of the data from every area of a company can be easily accessed by anyone who needs it, the minute they need it. Mobile ERP software improves this functionality by adding portability into the mix, allowing employees to access enterprise data on-the-go. Business wearable technology can even further increase mobility and range of capabilities of that software, combining all the key functions of ERP in one small, hands-free device.

Adopting an integrated ERP solution is one fast and easy way to boost enterprise efficiency and employee productivity. Maintaining all business apps and databases on the same streamlined system lowers IT costs and saves immeasurable time at work. Some ERP systems even offer task automation and real-time data analytics, giving enterprises an additional boost in speed and efficiency even without employee participation. SAP Business One is one of the fastest-selling ERP software systems on the market right now because of its impressive automation and analytics capabilities, as well as the strength and speed of its integrated core enterprise management applications. SAP Business One comes in a fully functional mobile application, and SAP itself is already working on developing equally powerful ERP software for smart watches and similar business wearable technology.

The potential applications for wearable technology in the world of business are virtually limitless. As both wearable and ERP technology continue to improve and further integrate with one another, these amazing business solutions promise incredible growth and success for SMBs across the industries.

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