ERP Mobile Applications for Long Distance Employees

Overcome Location-based Business Challenges with ERP Mobile Applications

erp mobile applications improve long distance workAmerica is known as the land of opportunity. However, some regions of the country offer more opportunities than others. Location can have a tremendous impact on a business, both for better or for worse. One city may promise fast growth to small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a flourishing market and high demand for their products. That same city might drive away talented employees with expensive housing or low quality of life. To ensure that both the company and its workers can thrive in the best possible environment, many business owners adopt long-distance flexible workplace strategies. With ERP mobile applications, real-time business analytics, and fully integrated data, every member of an enterprise can easily stay connected and productive, no matter how far away they live.

Running a Successful Business in an Unsuccessful City

WalletHub, an online personal finance resource, recently set out to determine the best and worst cities for starting a career in the United States. They analyzed various factors, including the amount of entry-level job opportunities and affordability of housing, to calculate the top ten cities in each category. Only the 150 largest cities in America were considered. Among the top ranking cities were Salt Lake City, Denver, Austin, and Minneapolis. These cities offer more career opportunities, bigger salaries, and a higher quality of life than many other parts of the country. That’s good news for job-seekers, but could result in tougher competition for growing enterprises as rival companies fight for clients and workers.

The lowest ranking cities on WalletHub’s list include Detroit, Philadelphia, Fresno, and Cleveland. These cities might have slower job growth, lower starting salaries, or even fewer young workers than the rest of the country. If your business is headquartered in these cities, you might be worried that the location could spell disaster for the enterprise. You might even have this fear if your city just didn’t quite make the top 10. Many of the nations top prospects could read this list and decide to only look for work in the highest-ranked regions, making it harder for you to find talented and passionate employees.

Fortunately, there are many great ways to overcome the challenges faced by SMEs in the lowest ranked cities. Business mobility is one of the best strategies for growing companies stuck in an unappealing location. With ERP mobile applications, business owners and employees can access complete enterprise data and oversee critical business operations on their favorite mobile devices. They can take their companies with them everywhere they go, never sacrificing speed or accuracy for portability. If the enterprise’s main ERP system is fully integrated, consolidating all information and processes on the same simple platform, then its mobile or cloud-based apps can foster the same unparalleled productivity and efficiency in the home office and on the go. That means that an employee could never come within 100 miles of the office and still perform well, significantly contributing to the company’s overall success.

What Are the Best ERP Mobile Applications for SMEs?

There are a lot of ERP mobile applications out there right now. Many of them focus on one single aspect of running a business, like inventory management or accounting. Business owners need an integrated ERP solution that streamlines operations on one unified system, even as a mobile app, to ensure that all of the business data and operations run smoothly and efficiently at all times.

SAP Business One is the fastest-selling integrated ERP system on the market today. With comprehensive functionality for superior enterprise information management and cutting edge ERP mobile applications, the Business One solution provides growing wholesale distributors, retailers, and manufacturers with essential and powerful tools for every part of the organization. Cornerstone Consulting offers unparalleled SAP B1 consulting and implementation services to leaders of these industries, whether you’re based in Florida or somewhere else in the United States. We are passionate about helping businesses like yours achieve the highest level of success and fastest growth possible through optimization, integration, and automation.

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