ERP Software Integration Helps Business in Busiest Seasons

erp software integration improves customer service in the busiest shopping seasonsServe Seasonal Customers Well Through ERP Software Integration

Any gift-giving holiday can be a stressful time for customers and business owners alike. Shoppers spend large amounts of time and money purchasing the perfect presents for their loved ones. The high pressure of time-sensitive gift shopping can make a customer cranky, tired, and short of patience. They will not waste time with a business that can’t offer them the right products at the right price. These customers are also more likely to stick with a company that can offer fast delivery and pleasant customer service, even when slammed with sales. To simultaneously meet all of these critical requirements, businesses must first achieve seamless ERP software integration.

What Are the Benefits of Integrating Business Software?

Business systems integration is vital to success and growth for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) no matter what time of year. To streamline and accelerate business operations during the busiest shopping seasons, distributors and retailers must implement powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions well before holiday customers come around. When you strengthen the foundation of your enterprise with the fastest, most efficient integrated business software systems available today, you provide essential process management and data analytics tools to each member of the organization in one fell swoop. You no longer have to struggle to maintain operations and information across multiple disconnected systems, which improves the quality and accuracy of all business data. Consolidating programs and data on to one system also helps cut down on IT costs. Additionally, integrated ERP software helps business owners easily increase productivity across the enterprise and maximize profitability through well-informed decision making and planning. These are only a few of the benefits ERP software integration can provide to SMBs.

ERP Software Integration Vastly Improves Inventory Management, Customer Service

Of course, the advantages of integrated ERP software are not only tremendous for a growing enterprise, but for its customers as well. All year round, customers want the best service imaginable. Their expectations increase exponentially during gift-giving holidays like Mother’s Day and Christmas. To provide high-quality customer service during the busiest seasons of the year, distributors and retailers must meet a number of requirements. They must consistently stock efficient quantities of the most demanded products, especially when those products are flying off the shelves. They must be able to offer competitive prices and rapid delivery. Their sales representatives must have access to real-time inventory information in order to provide accurate answers and solutions to customers as quickly as possible. And with the rise of mobile devices and online shopping, customers are starting to prefer businesses that offer e-commerce applications on top of traditional brick and mortar stores and telephone orders.

The right ERP software integration solution can handle all of those tasks, and more. It offers highly efficient warehouse and inventory management software that helps distributors easily and cost-effectively maintain stock, even across multiple storage facilities. It incorporates that critical inventory data into cutting edge customer relationship management (CRM) applications, providing sales representatives with the knowledge they need to handle any customer question that comes their way. Streamlined data results in faster order fulfillment and allows faster delivery of products, no matter how many orders come in. And with outstanding ERP software integration fostering excellent customer service, there will be a lot of orders coming in.

Florida SMBs Depend on Cornerstone Consulting for Top Notch ERP

Mother’s Day might be over for this year, but the next big shopping holiday will be here before you know it. If you are a mid-sized wholesale distributor or retailer, you definitely need to gear up for the season with the ultimate integrated ERP solution. Cornerstone Consulting can offer you an unbeatable price on the fastest-selling ERP solution on the market today, as well as unparalleled software implementation, configuration, and integration services. We are an award-winning value-added reseller (VAR) of SAP Business One ERP software and an SAP Gold Partner based in Tampa, Florida. We are passionate about helping growing businesses like yours achieve fast growth and success through effective business optimization and today’s best ERP technology.

The SAP Business One solution is one of the most popular integrated ERP software systems among business owners all over the world. For a fast response to any and all of your SAP/ERP questions, call us today.