Integrated Business Software Systems Improve Remote Work

Home Offices Become Ideal Work Environment with Integrated Business Software Systems

integrated business software systems improve remote workIt’s time to rethink everything you know about telecommuting. Thanks to constantly advancing business management technology, the number of remote workers in the United States is growing rapidly. Countless enterprises are implementing flexible work plans that allow employees to set their own hours or work from home full-time. Because today’s most powerful integrated business software systems offer cloud and mobile solutions, employees can easily access critical business data and applications wherever they choose to work. With workers free to roam anywhere they choose, enterprises are reducing their physical real estate and saving quite a bit of money on office space. That’s just one benefit of flexible workplace arrangements–industry leaders say telecommuters can also boost business performance like never before.

But in spite of its cost-effectiveness and performance enhancing capabilities, many business leaders are still hesitant to allow telecommuting on a broader level. There is a pervasive concern that the home office is too detached from the enterprise to enable high quality work. Managers often prefer having every member of their team under one roof to better monitor and communicate with them. Beyond that, remote workers are generally stereotyped as unproductive and easily distracted. However, a new survey has found that flexible and remote work arrangements may actually benefit a business more than a traditional office setting. With superior integrated business software systems providing comprehensive functionality in the home office any time of day, enterprises may soon eschew the standard 9-5 work week altogether.

Survey Shows Remote Employees Work Harder, Feel Happier

TINYpulse, an employee engagement company based in Seattle, surveyed more than 500 home office workers about their perceived productivity, motivation, and satisfaction. The survey compares their responses to responses given by employees across all kinds of work arrangements and industries.

Unsurprisingly, remote workers are generally happier with their jobs than their main office colleagues. The traditional workplace can be a great environment for productivity, but it can also feel dreary, dull, and stifling. Employees who could work from home but choose to come to the office may feel freer and less stressed. Workplace flexibility empowers employees with high energy and job satisfaction, which they channel into their work. With fully functional integrated business software systems installed on their mobile phones and home computers, remote workers are confident in their ability to complete tasks and perform well in any location.

The survey also discovered that remote workers tend to feel more valuable to an enterprise. Upper management can show that it deeply trusts and depends on employees by allowing them to work away from the office or choose their own hours. Employees work harder at home to prove that trust is not misplaced. Many workers even choose to devote the entire week, from Monday to Sunday, to the business, simply because they believe their contributions are needed and appreciated. It may surprise you to learn that, according to the survey, the happiest employees work short hours seven days a week. Flexibility in the workplace significantly increases employee engagement, loyalty, and productivity.

Solve Home Office Communication Problems with Better Business Software

There is one issue with telecommuting that still troubles growing enterprises. Employees who work away from the office feel relatively detached from their coworkers. As hectic as an office can be, it is still much easier to meet your team face to face than to communicate solely via phone or computer. Without an efficient integrated inventory management application, a remote distribution worker could have trouble keeping track of stock and answering customer questions about products. Accountants and customer service representatives face similar troubles without good integrated financial and customer relationship management (CRM) software. When an organization’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) apps run on several separated systems, home-based employees cannot tune into daily business operations as well as workers stationed at the office.

To mitigate this communication issue, many business owners utilize mobile and cloud-based integrated business software systems that allow complete access to enterprise information and applications from anywhere in the world. When their personal devices run the same powerful software as their office computers, employees can easily check up on work and stay on top of business developments. The visibility enabled by integrated ERP helps employees focus on the company’s overarching goals. It ensures that every member of the organization is well-equipped to handle all of their work responsibilities no matter where their office may be.

Remote work offers many incredible advantages to enterprises and employees alike. For this reason, some experts believe that more than half of the general workforce in the United States will be working from home full-time by 2020. If you are considering adopting flexible workplace plans to improve employee productivity, save money on real estate, or just keep your company’s competitive edge sharp, you’ll need to look into advanced integrated business software systems that can provide comprehensive functionality and easy access to critical enterprise-wide data in the home office.

Improve Remote Worker Productivity with Integrated ERP Today

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