Customer-Focused Business Technology from SAP

SAP’s Advanced Business Technology Helps Enterprises Focus on Customers

SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 has drawn to a close, but the ideas and philosophies expressed there will carry on well into the future. Attendees of the three-day SAP conference, as well as viewers of the virtual live-streams, leave Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center and return to their enterprises full of empathy and confidence. Empathy for their customers, that is, and confidence in their ability to utilize the latest business technology to run their companies more efficiently and intelligently than ever before.

The customer was the primary focus of many of SAPPHIRE NOW’s major presentations. SAP CEO Bill McDermott kicked off the conference with a keynote speech regarding the importance of empathy in business. Following presentations showcased the ability of SAP’s high-performance business technology systems to help enterprises provide the highest quality customer service imaginable. The real-time analytical power of the SAP HANA platform generates profound insights into the needs and expectations of individual customers, no matter how many times their interests shift. They also provide an in-depth look into a customer’s future interests based on patterns and trends found in existing data. These amazing analytical capabilities encompass SAP’s newest philosophy, “Live Business.”

Enterprises “Run Live” Today with SAP Business One and HANA

All over the world, more than 50,000 growing enterprises already run simple with SAP Business One. This integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the fastest-selling business information management platform on the market today. Powered by SAP HANA, the Business One software provides unparalleled real-time analytics for superior enterprise visibility. At SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP vowed to continue enhancing this amazing business analytics functionality to improve that visibility as much as possible.

Beyond analytics, however, SAP business technology and software can help enterprises “run live” in many other ways. SAP Business One features incredible automation capabilities for key business processes in many different areas. The accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) modules can automatically handle various tasks, such as journal entries and order processing, so employees can spend their time more effectively. SAP encourages enterprises to focus that additional time on improving customer service, developing empathy for clients and growing to understand their needs better than ever before.

As a business technology company, SAP does a fantastic job of focusing on the customer. They know that by providing the highest-quality customer service to their own clients (growing businesses all over the world), they make it possible for their clients to create the same top-notch experiences for their customers. SAP believes that empathy begins at the top–which is why McDermott gave out his e-mail address during his keynote at SAPPHIRE NOW. “If you’re not feeling the love, we want to hear from you,” he said, offering to hear SAP customers’ personal experiences and complaints about the company. “We’d like to see more clear roadmaps for the direction you’d like to take my company.”

Although small and mid-sized business owners may not have the ability to personally provide their contact info to all of their customers, they can utilize SAP’s powerful business technology solutions to get a clear picture of what those customers want–both today and tomorrow. That’s the “Live Business” SAP envisions now.

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