Three Misconceptions About ERP for Small/Midsize Businesses

For countless small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is an integral part of daily operations. ERP modules cover just about every area of business, from accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) to inventory. They help everyday processes run smoother, faster, and smarter. They give employees across the organization better tools for productivity and data management. And because many ERP systems are cost-effective and ultra-efficient, they can save an enterprise immeasurable time and money.

As beneficial as ERP can be for a small or mid-sized business, however, SME owners are often hesitant to adopt a brand new ERP system. They might have a number of concerns about the investment or practicality of such a software. Here are three common misconceptions about ERP solutions that actually have simple and effective solutions.

1. Your Business is Too Small for ERP

When you’re running a small or mid-sized enterprise, you probably won’t need the best and biggest ERP software on the market. Many of today’s most popular ERP solutions are meant for large businesses, which means they provide an enormous suite of applications designed to solve problems faced by big, international companies. These ERP systems are generally too complex and too expensive for a smaller enterprise.

Fortunately, there is integrated ERP software designed specifically for SMEs. Small business ERP, such as the SAP Business One ERP system, offers just as much power, speed, and functionality as its big business brethren, but in a much smaller and more affordable package.

2. You Have to Adopt a Full ERP System All at Once

One of the biggest concerns SME owners have about adopting an ERP system is that they will have to install the entire system in one go. When it comes to business software, it’s better to have every necessary application running on the same system, rather than picking separate software for each area of the enterprise. Separate software applications cannot effectively share data with one another and will ultimately slow down the company. However, some business owners believe that a comprehensive ERP solution must be implemented across the whole organization at the same time, essentially stopping the enterprise in its tracks while data is slowly migrated to the new system.

Although ERP implementation can take some time, it doesn’t have to shut down the business. Some small/midsize ERP systems can be unrolled in phases, without disrupting operations. That means that business owners can adopt customized ERP solutions that suits their specific needs, with the potential to add more applications in the future. With SAP Business One, you can roll out ERP modules over time at no additional cost–you get one comprehensive ERP solution at an affordable price, no matter which applications you need installed.

3. You Will Have to Buy a Brand New ERP System in the Future

Technology advances so quickly these days. Some software companies develop a brand new system every year. Small/midsize business owners might worry that investing in a powerful ERP solution now will prevent them from upgrading in the future, either due to the cost or capabilities of improved software. Or, they might believe that upgrading ERP requires another time-consuming and expensive implementation process.

When ERP helps your business grow rapidly, it’s inevitable that you might become too big for your existing solution. The good news is that some SME ERP systems are incredibly flexible and can actually grow alongside the enterprise. SAP Business One is known for its growth potential, improving the functionality of its powerful ERP applications as the enterprise expands. It’s an immensely scalable solution that will last for a long, long, time.

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