Take Your Business on the Go with the Right Mobile Solution

Business no longer happens in one place. With more globally connected consumers than ever before, enterprises can now tap into an impossibly large marketplace. However, the reach of an enterprise is only as long as its network, which is hindered by hardware. Traditional on-premise business systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, confine an enterprise’s data and operations to the office space where the system is physically located. This business network can span a very small radius. With this kind of on-premise ERP, employees need to be at their desks if they want to access any of the organization’s data. When you have to be in one specific place to get any work done, it can be immensely difficult to expand the enterprise.

Beyond international growth, however, there are a number of reasons why business leaders need a more flexible and portable ERP system. Even if your organization operates within a relatively small region, there may still be plenty of opportunities for business that require travel. Visiting suppliers and merchants can be an important part of running a successful wholesale distribution or retail enterprise. Employees might need to meet face-to-face with clients to provide a consistently high level of customer service. You might even want to take your company to trade shows to scope out the competition and make sales on the go. None of these essential tasks are possible when your main ERP solution is immobile.

Faster Business Operations with Mobile ERP

Mobile ERP solutions are critical for efficient long-distance business operations. These apps generally offer the same comprehensive functionality as an on-premise ERP system, so employees can easily complete their work on the go. Mobile ERP promises instant, secure access to accurate data, as well as user-friendly apps for every area of business. A traveling salesperson can make a sale while out and about and immediately record the transaction with the mobile ERP application, instead of having to return to the office to log the data on their computer. Then the accountants and warehouse staff back at the office can quickly process payments and fulfill the order for fast delivery. Mobile ERP can significantly reduce the amount of time required by operations across the board, ultimately boosting efficiency and saving money for the business.

Utilizing mobile ERP for traveling sales is also an easy way to establish your enterprise in a new location. Employees can effectively serve customers even before a new office has been set up. With the right mobile ERP solution, your company’s second location can start operating at full capacity without having to wait for system installations or IT support. Opening a new branch of your business can cost significantly less time and money when your employees have mobile ERP in the palms of their hands.

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