ERP Education Critical for Digital Transformation Success

Businesses Will Not Grow Without Cutting-Edge ERP Education

Today’s chief business experts can’t stop talking about the digital transformation. As enterprise technology continues to rapidly improve, more and more organizations are making the shift to digital enterprise resource planning (ERP) software with advanced mobile and cloud system functionality. But many small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are still hesitant to adopt the latest and greatest ERP technology for their own enterprise. Some are concerned that newer, more powerful business software systems are too expensive for their small business budgets. However, the biggest factor in the SMB owner’s ERP upgrade reluctance is that they don’t believe the members of their organization have the proper skills necessary to utilize better software, and that they have no idea how to approach ERP education for their business.

SAP, the international leader and manufacturer of high-performance ERP and business management software, recently released a white paper examining digital learning in the workplace. The white paper, entitled Knowledge Fuels Digital Transformation — Digital Transformation Revolutionizes Learning, discusses the relationship between the technological aptitude of an SMB’s employees and the successful implementation and usage of top-rated ERP systems.

According to the white paper: “To transform digitally and to thrive in the future, a broad skill base is required.” Unfortunately, a vast number of SMB employees generally lack the skills needed to learn new software and digital strategies. They may work very well with older ERP systems because it’s what they’ve used for years. That software is most likely significantly outclassed and outperformed by today’s cutting edge ERP applications, like SAP’s integrated Business One software and real-time in-memory database platform SAP HANA.

SAP Business One Consultants Provide Top-Notch ERP Education

Your biggest marketplace competition may already have a top-notch ERP solution like SAP B1 in place, with well-trained employees perfectly capable of using the system to its fullest potential. Your enterprise simply cannot afford to stick with the older, less efficient software, simply because you’re unsure your employees will be able to use it.

One of the biggest benefits of SAP Business One is that it’s actually super easy to master. With dedicated assistance from an SAP Business One consultant firm, your employees will be able to learn the ins and outs of this fantastic integrated ERP system very quickly. Business One consultants are intimately familiar with not only the software, but with the various needs and requirements of your industry as well. They will be able to create an outstanding ERP education plan based on your unique business goals, and then rapidly install, configure, and optimize the software for best usage.

The consultants can provide high quality education, training, and support, enabling your employees to fully understand SAP Business One before utilizing the software’s numerous ERP modules. They understand that digital learning can be done in various ways and strive to approach your employees with the perfect training strategy. Your organization can also turn to SAP directly for additional education and information. SAP makes learning software super easy with the SAP Digital Education Network for Digital Transformation, featuring a community of highly knowledgeable and experienced SAP users.

Your enterprise must plan for the digital transformation as soon as possible. Implementing the right integrated ERP system and training your employees to use the newest software is a fantastic way to set your transformation in motion.

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