Stay Ahead of the Competition with a Mobile ERP Solution

“If you’re not mobile, you’re massively behind,” says Gary Wheelhouse, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Australian electronics retailer Harvey Norman. Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in many different industries are rapidly mobilizing as digital business technology and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software continue to advance over time.

Countless retailers and wholesale distributors now offer their customers mobile e-commerce apps and virtual shopping experiences alongside brick-and-mortar stores. This integration of mobile ERP technology with traditional real-world stores allows businesses to provide a much higher level of customer service, as well as ensure that the consumer is capable of shopping however they please.

But growing businesses should not stop their mobility solution planning at the customer experience. It is vital that the customer is satisfied with a company’s technological offerings, but those offerings must extend to the employees as well. If an enterprise’s employees are not as mobile as the customer, the enterprise simply will not operate as smoothly or efficiently as its fiercest competitors–who may already be two steps ahead when it comes to mobile tech and the digital transformation.

Customers and Employees Both Benefit from Mobile ERP

How can growing businesses successfully execute mobility strategies that will not only improve shopping experiences for customers, but also enable increased productivity for on-the-go or remote employees? You may be surprised to learn that both goals are easily achievable with the right integrated ERP software system.

Many ERP solutions include high-performance programs for comprehensive business process and data management across the entire enterprise. An integrated ERP software system can offer top-notch applications for financial accounting, inventory tracking and control, customer relationship management (CRM) and so much more, all on the same fast and powerful platform.

When that ERP solution includes mobile capabilities, it allows every member of an organization to connect with the enterprise no matter where they go. Mobile ERP lays a firm foundation for ultra-efficient remote work and long distance travel without sacrificing communications or accessibility of data. It enables an SMB to expand and operate much, much farther than previously possible with the decade’s earlier technology and business systems.

Mobile ERP also serves as an excellent solution for growing enterprises looking to implement better digital transformation strategies. This portable business software should seamlessly integrate with an existing e-commerce application, as provided by the on-premise installation of the ERP system.

When an employee can easily access all business data and software apps via their preferred mobile device, they can spend more time face-to-face with customers and leads. They will have all inventory, product, and consumer profile information right in the palm of their hand, so they can swiftly answer a customer’s questions while providing a much needed human element to the sales process.

The customer could then use their own mobile device and the enterprise’s e-commerce app to purchase products with ease. The sale would then instantly appear on the employee’s device so they could set the fulfillment process in motion right away. All of these functions are possible with on-premise ERP software and brick-and-mortar stores, but a mobile ERP system adds a remarkable amount of speed, efficiency, and authenticity into business.

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