Employees Stay Safe and Productive at Home with Mobile ERP

The safety of employees is a top concern for business owners in any industry. Mobile enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can help improve employee safety in many ways. There are many situations in which an employee might not be able to come into the office and would greatly benefit from a mobile or cloud-based software system at home. An employee might want to work while sick, but can’t put their coworkers at risk of catching their cold. Having a mobile ERP system for their home office allows them to connect with their healthy colleagues and stay tuned into business developments without even getting out of bed.

A single sick employee can definitely hinder enterprise operations, but what happens when the majority or even all of your workers can’t make it to the office? Florida business owners know how dangerous the weather can get during the summer months. Tropical storms bring heavy rain and flash floods, making it difficult or even impossible to drive on local roads. It’s highly inadvisable for commuters to try to drive to work during bad storms, but you don’t want your business to stop because of bad weather. When employees can’t commute to the office for any reason, they still need an effective way to check up on work and be productive at home. A mobile or cloud software solution will guarantee that your business keeps going even when nobody can make it to the office.

Mobile ERP is as Powerful as On-Premise Systems

Mobile or cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can enable ultra-efficient remote work no matter where your employees set up for the day. With full access to your enterprise’s data and integrated ERP modules that run in real-time, employees can easily check up on work and even complete critical business processes just as well as if they were physically at their desks in the office.

Mobile and cloud ERP is every bit as secure as an on-premise software installation, so business owners won’t have to worry about the safety of their vital information. The right mobile ERP solution is also just as fast and powerful as an on-premise system, which means that every member of an organization can accomplish tremendous amounts of work without ever leaving their homes. That work will be recorded and tracked by the main ERP system, at the office, so that the same data is available and utilized by every instance of the software online.

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