Enterprises Stay Competitive with Today’s Latest Technology

Technology may never stop improving. Smart business leaders know that as long as tech changes, they must stay on top of cutting-edge trends. Their fiercest competition may already be three steps ahead when it comes to technology. Business owners must keep their enterprise technology up to date, not just to retain a sharp competitive edge, but to optimize the enterprise for maximum efficiency and profits. With new and improved business technology, such as integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, an enterprise can easily outperform its competition and quickly expand to new markets.

Data Analytics Offer Incredible Business Insights

There are a number of powerful business technologies put to good use by small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) today. One of the biggest tech trends right now is real-time data analytics. ERP software generally collects vast amounts of information about your company’s customers, finances, inventory, and more, every single day. All of that data contains brilliant insights that can help you as a business owner. To rapidly extract those insights, you need a powerful real-time analytics program built into your ERP system.

Data drives business. The faster you can harness data, the faster you can make important decisions. Data analytics software today is capable of running in real-time, only utilizing the most accurate and relevant information available within your ERP system. It can generate up-to-the-minute reports on every area of the enterprise so you can stay perfectly connected to each department. With true visibility into the organization, you can understand just how effective your strategies, marketing, and budgeting really is, and make improvements wherever necessary.

Take Your Business Anywhere with Mobile ERP

Another top tech trend today is mobile ERP. In the past, ERP software was limited to an on-premise installation. The members of your business organization had to be physically present in the office to utilize their ERP applications and access important business data. Today, many powerful ERP systems are available on your favorite smartphone or mobile device. These mobile ERP solutions are fully functional and provide secure, real-time access to the enterprise for on-the-go work.

A business can only expand if it has plenty of room to grow. If your enterprise and all of its data is confined to one system in one office, then it can only operate within the very small radius around that space. Mobile ERP applications give you and your employees the opportunity to seek new business opportunities outside of that radius. With mobile ERP you can easily process sales and check up on information away from the office, allowing better remote customer service and extending the reach of the company to new markets.

Improve Your Business Technology Today with Cornerstone

If you’re ready to take your wholesale distribution, retail, or manufacturing business with you wherever you go, Cornerstone Consulting can help you find the perfect business mobility solution and integrated ERP. Cornerstone has provided the leading ERP technology to growing enterprises for more than thirty years. We are an award-winning value-added reseller of the SAP Business One ERP solution, as well as a top-rated information technology (IT) consulting and ERP implementation firm. We are passionate about helping mid-sized enterprises like yours achieve their fullest potential with today’s leading business technology.